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sneezing cat

My cat is 7y/o and sneezes sometimes like a machine gun. Most of the time when he is relaxing I can hear him breathing, sometimes like a wheezing. Could he have allergies? If so what type of meds are given?
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Well... if he's been checked for upper respitory infection and is clean, then it is probably allergies. Generally the best thing to do is find the source and remove it. A poor quality litter can be very dusty, or perhaps it's some cleaing product you're using that's causing kitty to sneeze. I don't recall such a thing as kitty allergy pills.

Ah, there is also instances where a dental problem can cause excessive sneezing. has kitty had his teeth checked lately? The only other option is an obstruction like nasal polyps, that the vet would tell you if removal was necessary.
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they can eat grass and get a blade up in their sinuses. this will make them wheeze, and sneeze a lot....watch the tip of the nose right aftr all the sneezing...see if you ca detect a little strand of something yellow or brown peeking out...if so get a tweezers and pull it slowly and gently out. Often then blades are several inches long, and usually decayed not still green.

persians and snumb nosed cats are more prone to getting hair or grass stuck up in their nasal pasage....you can irrigate with mild saline solution after removing the blade.
usually these eventually go down the throat of their own, but occasionally a strong blade will wiggle its way up...so just one thing it may be, among many,
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My cat is probably 4-6 years old. I rescued him @ the local dumpster. His breath smells like something dead, his ears smell horrible and the past couple of days he just lays around, his nose is always warm. But his appetite is regular. I don't have money for a vet visit does anybody have any ideas Please..... I love this cat so much... Advice is helpful
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Hi hun:
I would take your boy to the vet and have him checked out.  I would be worried about the smell as well.  I understand about the financial thing - but maybe your vet will take payments?  My vet is willing to take post-dated checks and payments.  Not all will - but the ones who will are out there.  Just keep calling until you find someone who will help you.  

My vet knows I found my Charlie about 2 /12 years ago and because I kept him he sometimes gives me an extra break (he's also our local county shelter since we are in a small town).  Hang in there!

Red:  I agree with what others said, Good luck - we have a cat who has allergies and we think she might actually be allergic to the other cats - LOL!  But, she's doing very well even with the allergies.  
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I agree with what helpinginutah wrote it would be in kitties best interest to have an exam by a Vet.
If thats impossible, you could try going to the clinic or a good pet store and buying their EAR CLEANING SOLUTION and use that on a cotton swab to clean the outer ear, dirty ears can be really smelly but  if its really dark gritty stuff inside than your boy likely has ear mites and really needs to be treated by a Vet before he loses his hearing...
good luck, keep us updated♥
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My cats have been sneezing frequently as well, but only since the season changed and I thought it might be due to dryer air in the house. I keep my humidifier running full blast in my bedroom and noticed all 3 of them sleep w/me since I started doing this. Spirit normally sleeps w/ m.y fiance (I'm a horrible snorer and he's a horrible channel flipper so we sleep separately and happily) They have bright, clear eyes and no odd colored or smelling issue from their eyes, ears or noses so in my case (their case) I think it was just dry air.  However, just like w/a person, if there's a bad odor, that can indicate infection and you should try to get kitty to a vet. I truly understand the financial issue; perhaps you can find one you can work out a payment plan ahead of time. Too bad you can't do Neti Pot on kitties-they work fabulous for people! Best of luck to you!!
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There is also, credit care. I just got it for my cat. He has to have some of his teeth pulled and I didn't have the money.  I am able to use it for my medical bills or my pets, how is that. Good thing because I am from Washington and my vet wants around $800 to have three teeth pulled.  Also with the bad breath it may have something to do with his teeth, there might be some sort of infection.
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