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sneezing old cats

my cat is 11 yrs old. I love him. but he continues to sneeze and cough - hard to know the difference. My mother is a doctor and gave me an an antibiotics for him. But after 3 days I see no improvement. And also his eyes are ver dirty. Please any help? please
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Hello & Welcome...

Oh dear, no no no...unless your mom is a VET, please do not continue with this antibiotic.  You are not giving the entire pill are you?  You would have to go by kitty's weight which is a fraction of a humans.  Second, you have no idea what KIND of infection your kitty may or may not have, making whatever you are giving useless as it might not be an infection at all.    

This sounds like Herpes that *might* have gone into an Upper Respiratory Infection, in which case, I would suggest you see your Vet for the correct antib's.  And you would know the difference between hearing a cough or sneeze, as a cough sounds loud and scary like a seal barking.  If kitty is coughing along with the sneezing and the eye issues, that is a very bad sign, and he really should be seen.  

Talk to your Vet about starting kitty on Lysine, an Amino Acid that will help build up kitty's immune system against the herpes and future URI's.

Best of luck with this, and please keep us posted...    
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You need to take your baby to the vet.  Only a vet can tell you what exactly is wrong and give you the proper medication.  My dad was a doctor too but he knew that certain antibiotics were for cats and others for people.  Like I said, see a vet.  Your kitty is counting on you!
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thanks so much, now everything is so much clearer. Antibiotics are for cats bought in a vet pharmacy (anterobe). He doesn't cough but sneezes. At the beginning he eyes had yellow stuff but now this is solved. Lucifer (the cat's name) now is a bit happier and starts also being the same old buddy. I will though ask the vet on monday about the immune system. Has though always gone through all vaccinations. bye. I'll soon post a picture of him.
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no worries, antibiotics is of course for cats bought in vet pharmacy. Thanks a lot for help.
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