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sneezing with discharge

In October my 5 year old female cat received a shot of ampicillin and clavmox for URI. Although her sneezing with discharge has decreased somewhat, it still continues.
We have 2 other cats who all share food/water bowls. One has mid-stage kidney disease so his immune system is compromised. Neither of the cats (nor any of the humans) she lives with show signs of URI. And believe me she's sneezed on everything and everybody!
In November she started traveling with me between 3 homes every week, so it doesn't seem likely that allergies are the problem.
The traveling isn't the issue because the sneezing started before the traveling.
Since ear, nose and throat are all connected, I'll mention she tends to have dirty ears. She had ear mites when we adopted her 4.5 years ago. I've used OTC ear mite medication - even though she shows no other signs. The medication had no effect on the sneezing or the recurrence of dirt.
2 years ago she ate a decorative dried grain top (think of an ear of wheat) which became lodged in her throat, abscessed and had to be surgically removed/repaired. Is it possible that this could have created a polyp which has become infected and is affecting her sinuses? What would need to be done to check this? (Not another surgery I hope!) Would a different antibiotic be recommended if it's this type of infection verses an URI? Should we take her back to the vet who did the original surgery? Since we where out of town when she became ill this wasn't our regular vet, but he is an option. We currently don't have a regular vet.
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hi and welcome....i hope i can help, antibiotics aren't really useful for a URI unless there is absolute certainty that an infection is present, its usually NOT...therefore the best thing you can do for your kitty with these ongoing upper respiratory issues is to support her immune system. this is one of the very best products to use. you can buy at a good human health/vitamin supply. I urge you to buy this brand b/c it is one that is safe for use in cats...no ingredients such as soy, wheat, corn, sugar, salt, preservatives that are all harmful.
use 500mg for first week than 250 mg for maintenance.


and this product in this brand for relief from the sneezing..and discharge....is an excellent product for cats with URI..
use 1 opened capsule mixed with food until symptoms cease.


these 2 supplements are very inexpensive. if you order from iherb quote this code and you will recieve $4 off and that will cover your shipping. they are located in CA. and a very reputable company.
I urge you to use these. I don't think any antibiotics are required, unless symptoms persist after trying both these supplements aft a week......good luck and keep us posted.
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sorry forgot to add the code # SED597
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