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stiff joints

My eldest cat is 11 yrs and lately she has had stiff joints. I feed her dried food but her stomach can't tolerate the Senior dried food. Is there anything I might be able to give her to help her joints?
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Hi megmeg74,

You said your senior cat is having trouble tolerating senior dried food.
Perhaps the senior dried food you are giving her comes in cans.
Wet food is actually better for older cats and easier for them to digest
and eat. As for giving your kitty something to help her stiff joints,
I am going to leave this for another Medhelp member on the cat
forum to comment on. There probably is something, but I don't know
what it is. I wish you both well. Eve ( mother of Sammy)
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Hi Eve thank you for your reply. Unfortunately Daisy can't eat wet food either. She and my other 2 cats are on on one of the best dried foods you can buy. X
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good suggestion from eve....be sure and feed her canned foods at her age esp the dry foods are so full of extra additives they sometime create many health issues..

as far as her joints there is one very good product I will suggest to you, its available at human vitamin supply stores or online. make sure and buy this brand by Natural Factors b/c it is the safest for cats....no yukky ingredients like artificial sweeteners and colors, no corn, soy or yeast...this is important!!!

Its MSM Joint Formula with Glucosamine and Chondroitin Sulfates....comes in capsules so open the capsules  ...mix the powder  with a little water and give with a dropper. thats 300mg. I would divide it out so you are giving 1/3 of the capsule 3x a day. do not attempt to give a whole capsule to a kitty they are large capsules and need to be opened and divided out.

heres is a link if you can't find Natural Factors locally....good luck, if you don't see improvement in a few weeks let us know and I can give some other suggestions...♥

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just saw your reply....tell me why can't she eat canned food? does she get diarrhea???? this is caused by switching over from dried to cans too quickly. or is there some other reason??? just curious...
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I didn't switch over from Wet to dry too quickly. But yes Wet food gave all my cats diarreah and bad teeth :0(
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Good evening;

What you might try doing is mix your kitty's kibble half and half with a good quality wet food (or start 1 part wet to 3 parts dry).

My girls (Anita and I have numbers 6, 7 and 8 of our 31 years of wedded life {Teia [14 1/2], Hildie [11 1/2] and Chessie [11]} at this time) eat both dry and wet food.  Teia likes wet the most (she only ate dry when we rescued her a little over 4 years ago), Hildie eats about half and half, Chessie eats about 3 parts dry to 1 part wet.

Different kitties will have different wants.

For the looseness, mix a little bit of unflavored Metamucil in with the wet food.  This helped our beloved Kessie (Hildie's older sister) during her final illness last year.
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Thank you got you advice :0)
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Thanks for writing back to me. It was just a suggestion. Eve :)
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I'm really glad I have joined this site. It's good to know that there are so many like minded people around. I would do anything to keep my cats safe and healthy. Thank you for all of your advice :0) xx
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Hi meg,
Yes, this is a great community. Everyone on this forum is someone who
has one or more furbabies. The advice you receive on this forum is really
good. As for my advice, I'm glad you found it helpful. Eve :)
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