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tom cat losing weight

i have an eight month old ragdoll tom cat, and recently brought home an eight week old female ragdoll kitten. when we first brought her home she was very sick, having been exposed to the coronavirus. thankfully, she didn't develop FIP. since then, our tom has been gradually losing weight. he used to have a very healthy appetite but barely eats a thing now. he yowls all the time and is constantly scraping around in his litter box. the cats are kept apart most of the time, but we let them run around together several times a day.

i'm concerned that he might have caught something from the new kitten. or is it possible that he's just reached sexual maturity and it' all just a behaviour thing?
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is he spraying? we didn't get one of our males fixed right @ six months
and he started spraying and we got him fixed right away before this became
a habit. he may also be reacting to someone else using "his" litter pan if
this is happening-i've found that introducing a new kitten gradually (by
keeping tne new baby in a carrier during the day) is helpful and let's the
other(s) know they're still special. give him some extra attention and get
him neutered if possible unless you plan to breed him with the new doll
of the house. i wish i could see pix! good luck!!
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Definetly needs a vet visit!!  

Feline urinary problems and crystals can be brought out during stressful periods (like the introduction of a new kitten), this can be fatal within 24 hours if the crystals block the release of urine.  
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