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transient ischemic attack

I have a 17 y/0 cat.    Today,  she seem to have a tia.  Head is down,movement wobbly.  I am able to pick her up which is extrremely rare.   I gave her liquid aspirin which the veternarian prescribed for her , gave her water and let her rest.  She had the attack app. 9:00 central time and it is 7:00 pm.  Everything is basically status quo.  I will be taking her into the vet tomorrow.  Do you think it was a tia?    thanks
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Hi Deb and welcome.  I googled *Tia* and see this is like a prelude to a stroke.  I don't think anyone here would be able to tell you for sure what's going on with your girl.  We are just members like yourself.  Could have been a seizure, I suppose, but hard to say. Try not to panic until you know what's wrong.

Oh, and be sure to syringe some food and water if she's not eating.  

Please let us know the outcome and how your girl is doing tomorrow.  Good luck!
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I am very leery of a vet that would prescribe aspirin since it is generally toxic to cats.  Did he prescribe this over the phone sight unseen?  Was it prescribed for pain or some other pre-existing condition?  The symptoms you described can been the result of aspirin poisoning.  How much are you giving her and for how long?
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Good evening...hope kitty is doing better after the vet visit.

Our cat, Calamity Jane (11/82 - 04/04), had a TIA followed by a massive stroke 2 weeks later.  A couple of days before the TIA she had taken my wife on a walk up and down the street.  Cammie was leash trained and loved to stroll about the neighborhood; albeit more slowly as time went by and shorter distances.

One of the symptoms after the TIA we noted was a "bend" to the left.  As in humans who have strokes, the function of one side of the body is most usually affected more than the other.

Cammie was game to heal.  She responded to an enzyme treatment the vet prescribed, still ate, used the scratch box...we had to watch her very carefully, her coordination was shot but she still tried to get up on the couch or bed.

When Anita called me to tell me that she'd had the full-blown stroke, I got home as quick as I could.  We made the call to the vet.  I held her head up as she ate some people tuna; too weak to do it herself, but she was still trying.

When we brought her in, damn cat sat up straight when he put her on the floor to assess her, but almost fell over when she tried to stand and walk.  She went out dignified.

So, at 4 years younger, with the right treatment, your kitty has a chance at recovery.

Please, let us know.

take care - Pip
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Thanks for jumping in here, Pip.  From your description, I now believe one of my childhood cats must of had a stroke.  This was our Mitzy who looked exactly like Anita's *Junior*
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On a side note to Debb's dilemma...aren't "Tuxedo" cats just so classic?

Our April Dancer (04/86 - 10/92) was one, too.

Junior (02/66 - 06/82), Gods bless his cranky heart, outlived a FeLeuk diagnosis by 16 years.

And on a silly note...Granny, the owner of Sylvester and Tweety, was voiced by my dad's cousin, June Foray.  She's still with us, but starting to feel the weight of her 93 years.  (She's my dad's 1st cousin.)  June's most famous role is Rocket J. Squirrel.
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Oh yes, I love Tuxedo cats.  Funny thing though, I never see any around.  In fact, I don't think I've seen one since Mitzy was alive.  She died in 78, I think.  I was 18 and came home one day to find her under the kitchen table unable to move and since my folks weren't home, my b.f. and I rushed her to the nearest vet where she was put down.  

So you have a *star* in the family.  That's fascinating.  I can hear *granny's* voice, even!  I'm not familiar with Rocket J. Squirrel although it sounds vaguely familiar.  Well isn't that something, Pip.  You are so interesting!

Sorry to take over your thread, Debb.  We hope to hear good news about your girl.  
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Rocket J Squirrel is Rocky, Bullwinkle's partner...

DEBB!!! How is kitty doing?
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