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tree kitty

How high can kittys climb and still be safe , this adopted (I think ) kitty climbs up mt Eucalypts trees and walks to the end of the branches, it looks scary but she is so sure footed, would she be okay if she fell ,its one heck of a height? How do I stop her bringing in lizards she is driving me mad....
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How’s it going?

Cats can jump up to seven times their tail length, seven...........seven. Some kitties will jump less, others a bit more depending on health issues and age!  I can’t really tell you an exact length because cats are different.

How do you stop her from bringing on lizards? Good question! lol
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I'm not sure there is much you can do about the trees or the lizards, other than locking your cat indoors - which is probably not feasable or desirable!

Try not to worry though.  Throughout my life, I have known many cats to climb many trees and I have never had one have a problem.  It's pretty natural behavior, as is the hunting.  As Prettykitty says, there is no one measurement for how high a cat can jump, it depends on agility, weight, age, etc.  But cats tend to know their own capabilities pretty well.

Cats will be cats!  At least a lizard isn't a bird (I hate all the feathers all over my carpet :)
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