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vomiting and not eating

My cat Austin is around 6. he has has sinus infection, pink eye, n diabetes (8 months ago now diet controlled) now he has vomited multiple times and won't eat. He is voiding and was still drinking water. Brought to the vet n labs n urinalysis were ok, vet felt a hard ball in lower abdomen, ultrasound showed it was very hard cause sound waves bounced back. Kept him over night for fluids, the next day the vet didn't feel the hard ball anymore n let me take him home n try to get him to eat, 3 days later I brought him back to the vet because it had been 6 days of no eating. Vet put in a NG tube n I've been doing tube feedings for a day, he has vomited once with the ng tube n is still voiding but now won't drink because he tries n the water touches the ng tube then goes up hi nose. I called the vet n he told me to keep doing what I'm doing. He is n had been extremely lethargic n not himself n barely moves. I don't no what to do and am so scared I'm gonna loose my baby boy. Someone please help.
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Hi Roses,

I hear you and would be worried also. You need to take your kit to an emergency clinic.

He cannot go without food for more than 2 days and should not have to be tube fed unless your vet has given you a very good reason why this is necessary. The hard lump in his abdomen is concerning and the fact that the vet said it went away --(what all by itself) or did he poop? It sounds like an impacted bowel and this is very serious.

Please get him to a ER NOW.

So he is urinating but not pooping--not to scare you but his bowl could rupture if you do not have this checked out. They may have to do surgery.
By the way--I would get another vet.

Please get back to us and let us know what the ER says. We worry too!!

Good Luck,

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CML,,,he has an NG tube in so he is getting fed via the tube...so he's okay there.

I am curious too..has he pooped and when?

I wouldn't be overly concerned abt him not drinking, because he is getting lots of fluids via the liquid foods you are giving via the tube.

however the vomiting is not good, if this continues he does need to see his vet or the ER asap

Did the Vet not give you a reason he was vomiting and not eating to begin with?? like what is his diagnosis, the Vet should be treating SOMETHING not just sticking an NG tube in. lethargy and not moving sounds very concerning to me
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Just came back from the ER vet, he has uremic acidosis, extremely high wbc in his blood but none in his urine so his kidneys r working, n an extremely large stomach that's not emptying. The ER vet has not idea of the cause, but said it doesn't look good. They gave him some meds for stomach motility, nausea, decrease stomach acid n subq fluids to make him comfortable for the night until I can decide what to do, do I put him down or spend more money to try n fix a problem we don't no the cause of.
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OH Rose,

I am so sorry to hear this. Your vet should have seen this 10 days ago when he took the ultra sound. Don't get me started, UGHHH!!

So now I would take him back to the incompetent vet and tell him they need to make this right. He had no business telling you the mass disappeared and sending you home without knowing the exact cause.

The expense (if this can be corrected is on the first vet). If he had taken the proper protocol's as the ER did your Austin may have had a better chance of fighting this.

Any expense that needs to be spent to give Austin a chance should be at your vets expense.

First does the ER doctor know if this is cancer or a blockage of another sort. Call the ER ask if Austin can be operated on to find the cause and tell them your vet gets the bill. Call your vet and tell him this is how you want this misdiagnosis rectified.

Here is the problem your vet knew his stomach had a mass yet instead of finding the cause decided to force feed even more food into that distended stomach. What was he thinking.

If you have problems with the payment you can also call a Veterenary Teaching School in your area  and ask them if they can help you with Austins care. They will sometimes do this free just to learn.

Also there is CareCredit--you can apply today and they will allow you to pay off the balance over a 2 year period without interest. If one of these places accepts this that is your best bet.

Now of course if every medical opinion tells you there is NOTHING they can do--then you must do the righteous thing for Austins sake and allow him to go in peace.

PLease, Please, Let me know what is happening. If you need help in contacting your first vet or a Teaching School , I am here to help. Just email me, K

Praying very hard for Austin and you dear. I know this is one of a pet parents worst nightmare. You are not alone , though. We are here to support you in whatever you decide.


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Hi again,

Just wanted you to know you can call (607) 253-3060--this is the Cornell University Veternary School of Medicines emergency info phone Number.
I know you are very lucky to have access to such a renown Veternary College. If you call that number they may be able to give you a satellite location near you. They are in Ithica Falls, NY, so I don't know how close that is to you.

Talking to someone there will make you feel more comfortable with any decisions you have to make.

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Hi, I hope your fur baby is feeling a little better today.

I agree with CML that your cat needs exploratory surgery. I believe that's his best chance of survival. This sounds like an obstruction-possibly eating something he shouldn't have or a tumor. Either way, they need to remove it.

I really do hope the best for you and your baby.
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How is Austin.
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How is Austin.
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HI Rose,

I have just had almost the same experience with my Meezy. She had vomited everything she ate for a whole weekend everyday. Took her to my vet and the did CBC, XRay's and ultra Sound.

The US was done   because she also showed a solid mass in her upper intestine. They found the mass unremarkable but it showed she has had several bouts of Pancreatitis. Now she is on a special diet, and will have to eat a low fat diet from now on.

I am still doing research on what this condition means for her long
Does this sound like this could be Austin's problem.
Meezy had Glucose levels at 194 very high, she may also have diabetes.

Please let us know how Austin is and consider the possibility of Pancreatitis--have an ultra sound done.
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