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what is common complication post a neutering surgery?

my 8 month old female cat has had the neutering surgery yesterday. She seems doing ok for the night and day today, eat and drink well, had good BM and also peed fine. But I just noticed she's developed a lump on her incision site in the evening. it appears to be fluid filled, and my cat will let me touch it lightly without showing sign of pain. I will take her back to the Vet tmr morning, but just wondering if this is a normal reaction after the surgery. Will someone please let me know if knowing the answer?? thanks!!
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You could be seeing a small amount of swelling as the kitty's body is reacting to the suture material or it could be a slight seroma (fluid filled sac).  Most often we see seromas form after surgery when either the cat is licking at the incision site excessively or the cat is too active running around the house, up and down stairs, etc.

You are most correct, let you veterinarian check it out today and he/she may recommend starting your girl on some antibiotics.  If she is overly active, you are going to have to find a way to keep her calm and quiet for about a week.   If she is licking at the site, she may need an Elizabethan collar.

Good luck to you!
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Just adding my dime:
1- My girls all had problems with loose poo caused by antibiotics after the surgery
The kids were recently spayed and are having this problem but I cant tell its that the cause,since they had a few worms previously - and received a anti worms again 2 or 3 days ago without no visible difference

2- If you had to avoid her licking the place and could not use the e-collar cos the cat refused completely and/or you feel pity, try putting clothes as the one you can make yourself with a tshirt sleeve (long one) its simple,works fine and bother less the cat.Just make holes for the paws, fix with plastic tape and be sure to leave the space for her biological needs,You have to work with the animal ON the clothe or wont fit ok.
I did this for mine,after buying and changing the collar 3 times ( wrong size) and trying a nylon socks clothe ( she would destroy it the same way the one that pos cirurgic one she came back with.
Good luck!
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