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what next?

The older cats ( all three males ) are peeing everywhere. Actually Jericho and Eli are...Rambo is just too big for the litter box.

It's gotten worse since grandma decided to give my two youngest boys (that still live at home), kitties.

I've tried spraying them with water bottles, spraying items ( chairs, beds, etc ) with 2 different kinds of really expensive spray that claim to repel them, changing the 4 litter boxes every day, separating them into different areas of the house ( kittens in basement, Jericho and Eli upstairs, and Rambo on main floor ) and spending a fortune on cleaning supplies that are supposed to get rid of the stench. Had to throw a couch and loveseat out because of the cats using them as litter boxes to pee on.

Rambo is GREAT with the kitties. He's adopted them. He cleans them. Jericho ignores them, but tries spraying the world. Eli sprays the world and attacks EVERYONE...including his best pal Jericho.

So...do I make my mom take back the kitties ( making the kids cry ), give one or more adult cats up for adoption ( where they will probably be put down because no one wants adult cats ) or buy 200 mice so that they are too occupied to do any further damage?
I throw Eli out into the snow for about an hour or so every day. He likes it out there...weird cat. And the "spraying" stops for a few hours. Once he's back inside for an hour or so, he starts up again. Jericho doesn't do it when Eli is outside, and typically only does it at night before bed time...in MY bedroom!  Siamese in him I guess.

If I weren't losing my hair in big clumps already, I would be pulling it out about now anyway.
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GRACIOUS!!!  I have six cats, 2 female and 4 male.  They are all fixed, and go in and out, so no litter boxes.  My cats NEVER spray or pee in the house unless they happen to get stuck inside for too long.  You have a big, nasty behavioral problem going on there: too many cats and dogs of differing ages causes the cats to stress and misbehave in this way, fixed or not.  You have to do some thing about this as soon as possible, as the ammonia in cat urine is bad for your lungs, plus nobody should have to live like that anyway, even cat lovers.  You need to remove the problem animals from your house (whoever they may be), in whatever way is necessary.  Making the kids cry isn't fun, but your problem is worse than that now.  It's about HEALTH, for you and the kids.I have worked with and owned many animals, and I have learned a couple of things.  One of them is that when push comes to shove, PEOPLE come first.  Would you permit your beloved pet hog to keep his pigpen in your house?  Of course not.  Same goes for all the other animals we love.  They must be controlled in a manner that is good for them AND US.  That part isn't about love, it's about NECESSITY.  That is where you are right now.  You have some decisions to make that are not going to be easy.  Blessings - Blu
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was everything and everywhere they pee cleaned with an enzyme cleaner? this has to be used to removed the scent, if just vinegar or bleach is used it will only mask the odor from our noses...NOT theirs!!! and if cats can still smell urine they will think its okay to pee in that spot.

males fed dry food will have a high urinary PH that causes struvite crystals  this causes an irritation in their urethra so they have the urge to pee often and will do so in many spots other than their litter....trying to tell you it hurts.

here are some tips on the site below, have they been Vet checked for a high PH/urinary crystals?????

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Dear, I feel for you. I thought I'd lose my mind when my cat peed two times after I'd been away 8 months.
    This is an impossible and very unhealthy situation for you & the other people in the house.
    I'm so sorry. Really.. Listen to what they posted to you. Take control. I know it will be really hard. Keep updating us,and we will do what it takes to hold your hand thru this.
  As a side note. I fostered a kitten for awhile. She was hell on paws. Got up high & jumped down on my eye while I was sleeping, almost every night. Peed in baskets of clean swim suits, socks, and got on top of hanging clothes & peed all over tops of hangers.
Never peed on my husbands swim suits or hanging clothes. Well, I thought Id
Be blinded by this kitty. So I got the foundation to take her back early.
Later they told me when she was put up for adoption, she was a model kitty. Never went pee on any thing. Never attacked anyone's eye.
  Please do not stress if you must find these cats new homes. Pamela
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I think I'll have to find new homes for 2 of them.
I've tried everything...including spraying them with lemon water when I catch them in the act.
Their favorite places to pee are: on my 4 year old son's bed, on my drapes, and on the closet door in my bedroom.

The kittens are going to start doing this too if the 2 adults who are doing this don't stop...so...guess it's time to start listing them.

Makes it hard because we rescued them from certain death in the first place. No one wants older cats.
Such a shame. And my 18 year old is so very attached to the one.

Thank you for all your replies.
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thats such a shame tschock...just wondering if they ever got Vet checked for crystals(high PH)?
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I would say that IF all 3 original adult males are spraying, it is safe to assume that this is a behavioral issue caused by the arrival of the 2 younger cats.  Since, your 3 adult cats were there first, I sincerely hope that you get rid of the new cats.  THEY are the cause of the spraying problems.

Please, show your older cats the loyalty they deserve and keep them.
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