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worried about worm infection

How are you I was wondering.
I have to cats both have had worms in the past & one i am still de-worming.
What is the possiblity that i have worms from playing w/ the cats like geting scratch or from being licked or from bitting the cats on its back or ears,from playing w/ them?
I know seems weird questions.
Thank you for your time I look forward to your feed back
P.s. I am up to date on all shoots
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You wont catch worms, because if you could I am screwed, I got 8 cats.. Who are yet to be de wormed...because the older 4 were done 3 months ago and the kittens are only 5 months...
But anyways, from what I know they get worms from eating dead fleas... so unless you've been eating Dead Fleas I dont think you have them...

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There are several types of worms that are common in cats.  Hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms are the most damaging (for cats).  Tapeworms are the only ones that come from fleas.  The only way any of these can be transmitted to humans is through the ingestion of cat feces, or in the case of tapeworms, feces or fleas.  Even so, they rarely cause any damage in humans.  The greater concern would be coccidia and giardia, which are not worms, but internal parasites.  Coccidia is only of concern with pregnant women because these parasites can cross the placenta and damage a fetus.  Guardia most commonly affect humans that ingest water contaminated with the parasite such as in swimming pools, rivers, lakes, etc.  These are all intestinal parasites, so as long as you sanitize your hands after coming into contact with cat feces, the likelihood of you getting any type of parasites from your cats is slim to none.
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Hi I have a 11 month old lil girl cat that some idiot took with them to the beach and left her there alone & i took her home with me i  just couldnt leave her there no ones around in the winter months anyway i had her fixed de wormed ,shots ,cleared up a nasty ear infection front lined ,you name it. Thanks to a vets that donate there time one day a week to spay pets( PEOPLE FOR ANIMALS ) made all that possible for a fraction of what it would have cost.That said she has the worst gas i have ever smelled i mean bad ,does anyone no what can cause this i have changed food a few times still stinken. thanks
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It could be coccidia which causes stool to smell really bad.  This is an intestinal parasite but not a worm, so most OTC dewormers are not useful for it.  The only way to be sure is to take a stool sample to your vet for microscopic examination.  
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