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Any bakers out there? Gluten free cookbooks?

I love to bake and already it's hard as I can't eat dairy or eggs. My husband decided to go gluten free to see if it'll help his problems and I'm just at a loss. I feel like I was kicked out of my kitchen. Anyone know of any good GF Australian cookbooks or cookbooks I can get in Australia? I'm gonna head down to my library tomorrow. I just want to know what to look for. I'm specifically interested in baking, desserts, and breads. Also has anyone found they get better results from mixing their own flours rather than buying store brands?
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I have Celiac too
Betty Crocker makes gluten-free mixes
there might be a subsitute for eggs...
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Ducky, it's not so much the recipe in my opinion, it seems to be the type of flour you use - or at least that's what I've run into. I've tried a variety of recipes and varied the flour because of the taste that results. I've begun to rely on a flour from a company called Authentic Foods. It seems I can use it for almost anything I bake - cookies, cakes, etc (but haven't tried bread) - with great success. I've specifically stuck with their Pancake and baking mix.

I don't have the time to mix my own flour - or I'm just too lazy??? So I've never gone that route.

Also check out the 'gluten goddess' website. I've found a lot of information there since my husband also has to be dairy-free in addition to GF. I typically substitute soy or rice milk in my recipies with good results.
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Unfortunately Betty doesn't have much of a say down under. You might be lucky to find one or two mixes, but I honestly prefer to bake everything myself because of my diet restrictions. Also, sad to say Authentic Foods is an American site and mailing basic flour here would be about 10$/lb of flour. Can't afford that, so I may just be stuck with flour blends they have at the local supermarket.  :/

Anyway, thanks for the gf goddess website though, it looks pretty awesome.
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Look into gluten free girl-- you can find them on amazon.(She also has a blog called glutenfreegirl)

Carol Fenster typically has some good cook books

I hope this helps,
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Thanks I really like the look of gluten free girl, she's got a ton of things on her site. Unfortunately Fenster seems to use a lot of sorghum, which I can't get here :/. Tried to sub corn flour for it and it just didn't work out nice. It might be me though.
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Follow Lexie's Kitchen on Facebook.  Another good one is Gluten Free Pantry.  I haven't noticed a lot of sorghum use with their recipes.  I do notice other allergens--sometimes.  Lexie's Kitchen is really good about all other types of allergens.  Her household is dealing with Celiac and multiple allergies.
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