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Bariatric patients prone to Celiac?


I'm wondering if anyone has had first hand experience with Celiac issues post gastric bypass ...


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Dor, I'm sure there are many who find out after bypass that they have any number of conditions including celiac. The problem is that celiac can be a very difficult condition to diagnose. Symptoms of the disease can wax and wane for a long time before the the condition is fully apparent. In the meantime, people suffer and don't know what's going on with them. In addition, most physicians don't really recognize the myriad of symptoms celiac or gluten sensitivity can present with.

If you now have celiac, please make sure you completely clean up your diet so you can enjoy your improved health.
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If you suspect you may have celiac ask to have a Total Iga  serum and a Ttg IgA test run.  this is a very sensitive test for celiac disease.
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