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CT Radioligist vs Surgeon or Doctors in general

About 8 months ago I had a second hernia repair surgery and every since then I have experienced as well complained about severe pain in the lower left side of my stomach, I have been to ER a couple of times because of it and admitted the second time, they did a cat scan on me and saw blood and fluid on the scan and thought it may had been an abscess, they gave me antibiotics and such. My sergeon came in and basically told me it's nothing to worry about  and was released the next day. I since have been having the same pain, but there might be days where it would be so unbearable and days where it would only hurt a little bit. The pain feels like something is flaring up and about to burst almost like a really painful cyst. The more I do, like house work and everyday things that normal people do it acts up for days at a time, so this last painful experience I went to my family Dr. and he decided to do a Cat Scan again, and the findings of the final report were - a slight protrusion through the residual defect,reduced in size. probably seroma rather than abscess.  I went to my surgeon today and questioned the findings, he basically tells me that he does not see any defect and that the fluid is not seroma and that there is nothing more he can do for me so his suggestions were to get those shots from a pain manager dr or get a second opinion. I do not want those shots because I've had them before in my feet and a few months later the pain came back but worse, I believe all those shots do is mask the problem, but before I mask the problem I want to know what the problem is anyway.   Since the Dr. is basically telling me there is no defect and there is no seroma and no abnormalities period and everything looks fine yet the cat scan says different, I want to know if the Dr has more knowledge of the cat scans or does the radiologist?   Which do I believe? I know the pain is there, yet he seems to be not listening to me. I am planning on getting a 2nd opinion but I always thought the purpose of a cat scan was to determine the problem which they did, can the radiologist be making this stuff up or what? Are Cat Scans accurate? Please help me with answers. Also I had a full hysterectomy so I know I don't have any cyst on ovaries and such. But that is what it feels like. but lower.

thank you
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