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Can My 4 year old have a digestive issue?

Hi everyone, and Thank you for reading my post first of all. Since my son was littler (around 2) he's became super super picky with food and he's had a lot of trouble going to the bathroom since then. When he was 2 he was tested for Celiac and it came back negative. At that time he was having very oily, black floating stools. That eventually stopped of course but he still has alot of issues. He complains alot about belly pains and he struggles to go every time saying it hurts. He gets smears in his underwear everyday and when he does it's very clay- like and thick. No form whatsoever. I've tried Pediasure drinks with Fiber, vitamins with fiber and they cause more stomach pain and diarrhea sometimes. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? He's only 4 but I see something other than his eating habits to be causing the bathroom issue.
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Hey AAsMommy2.
Definitely there's some sort of digestive and/or G/I related issue. A Celiac test cannot rule out gluten sensitivity.
(Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity)
It also cannot rule out gluten cross re activity- a reaction to foods mistaken for gluten because of similar molecular structures. Apparently 50% of people sensitive to gluten are also sensitive to dairy.
You may want to download Dr Coca's Pulse Test for free.
Within a week you can test all the foods and drinks ingested
while taking his pulse (a  digital blood pressure monitor is what I use) at specified times throughout the week.
The download also gives you the instructions how to interpret
the results, so you will know which foods and drinks are causing allergies or sensitivity.
Other things to consider  checking are:
Gastric acid levels, Pancreatic function and enzymes,Candida yeast infection, Leaky gut syndrome, iron and other nutritional deficiencies, lactose intolerance...
Feel safe to try pediatric probiotics of high quality and see if this helps after a few days.
You can also look into demulcent herbs, which help soothe and protect inflamed internal tissues.
A Holistic Pediatrician, would be the type of health professional I would take my young child to.
  http://hpakids.org/     for more details.
I hope this helps,
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Thank you for your response! I'm taking him to his new regular doctor, I just wanted an idea of what to expect or ideas of what it could be. It has me worried, especially with him starting school this August. Thank you again! :)
Unfortunately, conventional doctors have a rather poor record in treating complex chronic digestive and G/I conditions and for your son's sake, I hope that it's something very simple and easy to diagnose and treat.
And BTW most doctors don't "believe" in Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. A nice cop-out, for something mainstream medicine
chooses to mostly ignore.
Consider a second opinion (from a reputable holistic pediatrician, even if you have to pay ), if:
A.Drugs are prescribed without confirmation of a diagnosis
B.The proposed procedure,/test
sounds invasive
C. Test results don'r reveal anything
A proactive parent can make a world of difference in the outcome of their children's  health.
Do not trust blindly the doctors' opinions and suggestions.
My intention is not to make worry
unnecessarily, but to bring to your attention the downside.
You may still pursue on your own some of the suggestions I mentioned in my previous email.
Best wishes,
I meant to say "my previous post".
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