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Candida Syndrome and Celiac?

Hi I am new here. I was just diagnosed with celiac disease recently and had been having severe eye issues (dry eyes, blepharitis) that did not respond to any eye treatments. Then also had skin rashes, allergies to what seemed like everything, especially in the shower. And then came the shortness of breath/wheezing. Doctors don't seem to want to critically assess the situation. I did my own research and found that I have almost all candida symptoms, as well as my dog! Patchy hair loss and skin flaking. Even finding mold/yeast on his skin, and mine. It's the worst in my eyelashes, conjunctiva and scalp. So I just started a candida diet and natural home remedies for an organic candida cleanse. At first my symptoms got worse the first day, and I noticed candida in my stool and urine. Now My eyes feel better than they have in a year. I am doing to ask my doctor and vet about this but I want to be prepared. It's taken an emotional toll on me and I feel very alone, and as though many don't believe me. Anyone have any input?  Thank you.
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