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Celiac Sprue vs Gluten allergies

I think an important distinction needs to be made. A person can be highly allergic to gluten and not have Celiac Sprue. The treatment is the same. Avoid all gluten products. That is why I have been suggesting to get the test from enterolab.com. They test for the bodies reaction to gluten products. There is no biopsy done.
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I had a couple of physicians tell me that I have an intolerance to gluten (due to autoimmunity issues), but I don't have Celiac disease or an allergy to gluten. Now that I'm being treated for this autoimmune disease, I notice that my intolerance to gluten has completely disappeared ! Before then, I would be ill for 2 weeks after eating anything with gluten in it.


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I think this is possible although you may be 'playing with fire'. The test at enterolab would tell you if it is a problem area for you. You are lucky, though. The longer I stay away and then if I accidentally ingest gluten, the stronger the reaction.
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Actually.. the treatment protocol I'm on is treating Celiac Disease patients as well as other autoimmune conditions. In addition to my intolerance to gluten, I've noticed that some of my allergies are getting better as well.
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Super. what kind of treatment is it?
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It's called the "Marshall Protocol". You can google "Celiac Disease" + "Marshall Protocol" for more information. I do know that we had one member (Debbie Y) who was on the protocol who had Celiac Disease and other conditions and she listed some improvements recently.
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I will check it out. Thanks.
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