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Celiac and Yasmin

I have been on a gluten free diet for four months now, and I am still feeling very poor. My pain, anxiety, stiffness, depression, mood swings and much more are still very present. I have changed everything I can think of and I still see no change. My mom on the other hand, was also diagnosed and has been GF for the same amount of time...and she feels much better.

What I'm wondering is, could it be the birth control that I'm on? I've recently found out that Yasmin has MANY horrible side effects, and the list is bizarrely similar to Celiac symptoms. And now that I think back, my worst symptoms all started when I was about 17 years old, around the same time I started Yasmin.

Any thoughts? Advice? Similar Experiences?
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I just posted a response to a question similar to yours. I went gf 11 months ago & initially felt *awful*. I began (or continued to have) all the symptoms you mention -- anxiety, depression, pain, mood swings. My whole body hurt & I felt toxic & I developed insomnia & I had zero energy. I felt like I was starving all the time & I had to eat every 2 hours, but was totally nauseous.

Anyway, I know *exactly* how you feel & it *****. The good news is, I just hit month 11 & now I feel *fabulous*. I didn't start to feel better until month 10, but I have definitely turned a corner. Hang in there! A few things that I think helped were the following:

--eat often (for me it was every 2-3 hours) and try to always have protein (especially at breakfast) & good fats (try extra virgin coconut oil -- lots of health benefits)

--rest as much as possible (sleep 10 hours & take naps if you can)

--try Tulsi tea -- I think it helped with my anxiety -- I drank 2-3 cups a day

--you may want to try massage or acupuncture to help support your healing

--try to eliminate sugars -- it is just bad for your body all around

--explore the possibility of other food allergies (dairy is a possibility)

Anyway, I think for some people it takes a long time for the body to clear everything out or there is some kind of detox reaction. You *will* feel better. Just nurture yourself & do everything you can to help your body heal. Good luck!

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When you give up starches that you always rely on, sugar and caffein start to look like good alternatives.  Sugar was my choice, but within an hour you are hungry again.  Felt much better with fresh fruit and lots of water.  Twice a day.  Easy to take along tool.
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Hello, I know this has been a while since anyone has posted but I am having the same problems as you! Sometimes I react to gluten and sometimes I don't. I am on Yasmin. I was wondering if you had gotten any better since the post?
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Ugh - I've heard terrible things about Yasmin.  Why not try a hormone-free birth control like the copper IUD?  Works great for me with no side effects EXCEPT the heavy bleeding for a few months when you first start it.  I just had to pay my copay for it.  
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I had the same exact issues.  About two years ago I began to develop all kinds of issues just like yours.  After seeing several different doctors and no diagnosis I ran across this "Celiac" thing.  After 3 months of a total gluten free diet I still felt horrible.  

More research insued.  I happened to run across this thing called "Systemic candida."  This ailment is much more prevelant in women than men due to birth control pills.  Candida is a yeast and if you take birth control, antihistamines, acid reducers, anti biotics or have a high sugar diet Candida can get out of control fast and cause all kinds of problems.

Do a search on this and see what you think.  Good luck.
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Have you trie dthe Specific Carbohydrate Diet? Worked for me after 30 years of not workingon a GF diet and being still very ill.
Most Celiacs have anxiety as I understand it. The SCD helped me with that.
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talk to your dr about taking a break for BC or changing it altogether
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