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Celiac and gall bladder connection?

Has anyone else had gall bladder issues? I've had 7 gall bladder attacks in the last few years and an ultrasound shows "sludge". Ew. I'm waiting for enterolab results but think I might be gluten intolerant or even have Celiac. Has anyone with a positive Celiac/Gluten sensitivity test had issues with their gall bladder?
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In some, celiac issues 'mess' with the gallbladder. Many find they have an elevated HIDA scan ejection fraction, but I'm not sure the sludge goes along with that.
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I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 6 years ago and I had to have my gallbladder removed three years ago. It was completely sludged. Not sure if that is the term but it was not functioning. I also had to have my thyroid removed last year. So many issues! Now, I am suffering pain in my right rib and back (classic symptoms of gallbladder attacks but no gallbladder). I just had another ultrasound and MRI and awaiting the results.  

Definitely start a gluten free diet but I am not sure it will relieve your symptoms. Share any information you have with your doctors! Good luck!
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I had to have my gallbladder taken out six months ago and ever since my life has been a nighmare. I cant stop vomiting, my abdoman hurts so bad and most of the time i hardly can take care of my family. I have been in and out of hospitals and was diagnosed with celiac diease. I dont even know if this could be the cause of my severe problems because the doctors are having a hard time finding anything else wrong. help.
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Yes, celiac disease can cause vomitting, stomach pains and massive list of possible problems. Have to switched to a gluten free diet?
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A Gluten free diet is so great in so many ways.  I too had my gallbladder out a year and a half ago, and decided then to stay on a gluten free diet.  I feel great!  No residual affects at all.  The change has been so worth the effort.  The other thing you all may want to add is a digestive enzyme before every meal....this will help you digest your food better.  I use "Lypo Gold" from Enzymedica - works wonders for me!
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About 2.5 years ago I suffered acute vitamin D intoxication (poisoning) and was gravely ill. Approx about 3 months later I noticed my stools change in colour and consistency, to yellow and loose. Around the same time, I also noticed pain around my right epigastric region. In addition to the pain, when I have these "attacks" I sometimes suffer an irregular heartbeat, slight chest pressure and my saliva has a tingling metallic taste. I haven't put on any weight and can tolerate fatty and greasy foods easily. What I can't tolerate is most vitamin supplements and cheese (calcium). I have intense pains around my gallbladder every time I swallow/eat them and it can last on and off for a week or so. The only thing that has offered me relief from these attacks and debilitating pain is magnesium only supplements (eg magnesium aspartate dihydrate).
As time went on, I noticed I felt more lethargic and went to my doctor for a blood test and also had: an anaerobic stool analysis, endoscopy, colonoscopy, HIDA scan and endoscopic ultrasound. My blood showed I was borderline abnormal-low for vitamin d, calcium, iron, B12, albumin, and zinc. My anaerobic stool analysis came back with an undergrowth of Lactobacillous and an overgrowth of Provetella (bacteria susceptible to bile salts). My HIDA scan came back normal, EF 97%, and everything else appeared normal. My diagnosis was chronic acalculous gallbladder disease.
Because I haven't had any answers to my problems I have been doing my own research and have come up with connections between the gallbladder vitamin d, melatonin, magnesium and calcium metabolism. The gallbladder is not a passive reservoir for bile. It modifies and acidifies bile through ion exchange and transport. If these channels become damaged then problems with the gallbladder and its’ associated structures arise (sphincter of oddi)
Some of the connections between calcium and the gallbladder are shown in the following conditions: limy bile, porcelain gallbladder, UV exposure and increased incidence of gallstones, and mixed-type gallstones (all stones contain calcium). Read Pubmed articles. It is my belief that the gallbladder plays a very important role in the body in relation to calcium metabolism/buffering/regulation.
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Thank you for your excellent comment! I have your exact symptoms and was wondering if it was my gallbladder.I think i will have my doc check it. I have chronic low calcium, but over the lst year it has been higher. I had kidney stones last year, so I am wondering if my excess calcium has affected my gallbladder. I also get irregular beats more with my pains too. thanks for the info-Debi
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