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Celiac comments from 20+ years experience.

I was tested twice for CD and the tests determined I don't have it. Ha! The same with Lactose intolerance.
I was down from 90kg to about 55kg and dying after over 50 doctors appointments in 10+ years. So I gave up and fixed it myself.
CD seems to me like many digestive problems related to the body not digesting food properly, so undigested food rots, ferments etc. Some of us have severe immune reactions to this, causing severe pain and swelling, even bleeding, and compounding our poor digestion further.
I found out everything I could that frequently caused digestive problems, and stopped eating them. I ended up eating lightly cooked carrots, tomatoes, buk choy, turnips, radishes, kangaroo meat, lactose free sometimes, light coffee, broccoli, chili powder, oh and high GI rice a few times a day. Almost nothing else for the last 5 years.
The high GI rice, and staying off incompatible foods, all but cured me. The worst was wheat, oats, barley, rye and most meat. The high GI rice speeds up your systems aiding digestion, and breakdown sugars , see fodmap, causing a lot of gases and irritation.
A lot of this seems due to common usage of antibiotics and antifungals (eg lamisil) destroying our gut flora. This will never recover (thank you pharma) and we must manage diet for the rest of our life, no options as far as I know.
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