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My girlfriend of 6 years had pancreatitis about a year and a half ago. Although she her pancreatitis is "taken care of" her hell still continues. Shes a small framed very active in shape girl. She has always loved greasy foods (mexican, chinese, cheese sticks etc etc). She starts feeling nauseous 20-30 minutes after meals and is normally vomiting a short time later. She has found it helps if she eats a piece of toast in the morning and cuts out all greasy foods but it doesnt cure the problem. Alcohol seems to be a trigger too. When she vomits sometimes its just green stuff. Sometimes she throws up alittle while brushing her teeth, just leaning over the sink to spit triggers it. Although its not much when that happens it horrible. I am completely oblivious to anything medical related. I have searched the internet and celiac disease seems to fit her symptoms but im not sure. Sometimes, rarely her vomiting is accompanied with diarrhea. No one deserves to have to live through a hell like this, and no one is more hard headed than the love of my life.  She will not go to the doctor cause she says all they will do is give her some antacid pills and tell her she has acid reflux. Any help or advice anyone could give me would be great. Or if I am in the wrong forum all together im sorry. Im actually really proud of myself for getting this far.  
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Your girlfriend had better get over her desire to go without doctors real quick.  She may have a life-threatening condition, and if she does not see a physician, she may be risking her life.  If you want to keep her around, you should make certain she sees a doctor immediately.  Dont wait.

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