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Complications from Celiac?

I was diagnosed with Celiac a year ago. As long as I can remember I have always had issues with bowel movements. I would go a month without one. To me it was normal. I was told I had IBS Combination. I had been doing ok on the gluten free diet, bm's were getting more regular. But for the last 3 months I have had major issues. Nothing makes me have a bm and if I do its seriously like a couple rabbit pellets. My body from neck down to my waist feels like one giant bruise. The Dr.'s here in my area don't really know a lot about Celiac just was they find on the internet and print out. But they also don't refer me to anyone who might know something. My insurance won't pay without a referral. Obviously not going for 3 months is bad and the toxins have to go somewhere, but what can I try to help get things moving along? I have done prescription strength miralax, laxatives, eating tons of fiber, drinking more nothing works. I am ready to give up on trying to feel better.
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