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Could this be Celiac Disease?

Hi, I have just been having some odd symptoms and I noticed many matched with celiac disease. I was hoping that I could get some personal input from people who have experience with it.
I am a 20-year-old female.
Back in March, I noticed a bit of unplanned weight loss (about 10 lbs) and a slightly swollen scalloped tongue (basically my tongue is enlarged a bit, causing my teeth to leave imprints on the edge of my tongue). Time went on and I have started to notice more symptoms. Hair loss, I have long, thick hair but I can feel/see myself losing much more hair than normal, even my ponytail feels thinner. I have had fatigue for the past month or so, which I chalked up to final exams but those have sense long passed. Weight loss has continued (now about 20-25 lbs lost) along with a severely diminished appetite. Along with the fatigue, I've also experienced a gloomy mood (I don't like to self diagnosis depression) but I have little motivation to do things, even so much as hang out with friends which I once throughly enjoyed.
I don't many GI problems, occasionally both constipation and diarrhea. I also don't have anemia, as I donated blood last week and had a normal hemoglobin level.
Does this sound like it could be celiac disease? Any other ideas? I'm so sick of being so tired, I'm usually ready for bed by 8PM. I should be looking for a summer job now, but I lack motivation and drive.
Thanks in advance :)
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Eliminate all gluten from your diet for a few weeks.
It's an excellent way to test this.
Educate yourself as much as you can on this and please make sure you
have a complete list of all the products which contain gluten and is not listed as an ingredient or listed under different names.
Best wishes,
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I was under the impression that I should not abstain from eating gluten in order to have the most accurate test. Is that not true?
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OK, the suggestion was for a self-test, not a medical test.
If you experience sustained symptom improvement while on the gluten-free diet, it is pretty clear that you have Celiac's or at least a very serious gluten sensitivity.

But if you want to have medical tests to rule out Celiac's, you should NOT
abstain from foods containing gluten.

Without intending to influence your decision, I would choose the gluten-free diet, If done strictly, there are no false positives, no false negatives, no lab errors, etc associated with it.

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I would see your doctor and get a complete blood test.   Do you have a family history of any thyroid problems?   An overactive thyroid can cause some of the problems you are mentioning.    Are you feeling anxious?   Hugs.  
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