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Does this sound like celiac diesase to you?

2 and a half weeks ago I woke up with a pain in my upper right abdomen(near the gallbladder) and that area feels like something is swollen inside, the pain is mild and comes and goes it hasn't bothered me much the past week

now my upper-middle abdomen feels like something is swollen underneath and my area left to the bellybutton(middle abdomen) is in pain to but also a mild pain, the pain seems to effect one area at a time and comes and goes, my sides are also sensitive to poking more than usual.

I have loud grumbling noises when I eat(I've had this for years though) sometimes, it might be gluten-intolerance so I have cut that and lactose out since yesterday evening.

I went to the doctors already and they tested blood/urine and abdominal x-ray and its all fine, I'm going again this upcoming week.

no fatigue and my stools are fine, only had a little watery poop the first week since this pain but its normal now

I'm 21 years old, what do you think?
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