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Gluten-Free Recipes

I decided today (after eating a sandwich at lunch and immediately feeling miserable) that I am going to try a gluten-free diet. Does anyone have any recipes they'd recommend, or links to sites that offer tips, tricks, and recipes? I'm hoping to find things my husband will enjoy too...I'm not up for cooking two separate meals for dinner!
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she has recipes for everything
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It's not too bad if you cook from scratch from the outer supermarket aisles.  But sauces, gravies, and breading are all things that have to be shopped for carefully.  Many now say gluten-free right on the front or back of the bottle.  If you are going to get tested for gluten problems, you need to do it before going gluten-free or the results won't be accurate.
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Another thing about gluten free girl her husband is a chef, so if it does not pass what they consider good she will not post the recipe and they have two cookbooks. She is also friends with other gluten free bloggers so it will connect you with more than just her recipes.
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