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Hiccups due to celiac?

In oct. 2016, my girlfriend was diagnosed with Calaic disease. She has been gluten free ever since and has had significant positive effects on her health. However we had hoped her hiccups would go away, but they haven't. In the past two years they have gone from maybe once a week to every day, sometimes multiple times a day. Usually it's one to 10 hiccups but sometimes can be more. They have also increased in intensity (louder and more weird, like a screech). Could these be cause by celiac disease? If not does anyone have any idea what could be and how to fix them? (No "traditional" means of getting rid of hiccups please [i.e. Scaring]
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Also she gets them after eating almost every time, but also at what appears to be random. Thanks!
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I have hiccups often, and my GI doctor said they are due to the hietal hernia that he just found when he did the endoscopy. I was just diagnosed with that and celiac. I looked it up when I found out and celiac can contribute to other GI issues including conditions of the diaphragm(the weakening of this causes hernia)
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