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IBS-D or Celiac

Could I actually have Celiac Disease instead of IBS-D?
New to "this" group. However, not new to Medhelp.  Just have not been here for a few years.  My situation:  Female,  Fit.  Have always maintained a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis and am a cyclist.  Work full time. Live by myself.  Involved in a healthy romantic relationship for past year.  Only son grown and I've become a grandmother this past year.  My life should be great.  Right?  Well, I'm pretty much down in the dumps and frustrated.  March of 2015 I developed diarrhea, that continued to get worse and chronic.  I have not had a normal bowel movement since that date - actually NO bowel movement, only diarrhea.  I have two to four liquid diarrhea each morning.  Fortunately it seems to be only mornings but occasionally other times after eating,  This has not happened for YEARS...

First time I developed diarrhea, lasting about 2.5 years was in high school.  Perhaps there was stress that I was unaware of... normal teenage stuff, but I was pretty happy and don't think I was depressed. I was attending a boarding high school.  It resolved and I was pretty much fine until mid thirties after losing my son's father and then diarrhea AGAIN... for a couple of years.  Then normalized.  Now after several years... here I am again.  Quite frankly, I'm feeling the blues due to this.  This has gone on too long  and I just want to be normal.  I take no medications. None.  Not even an aspirin.  I have started weekly acupuncture about 6 weeks ago.  It does help with my insomnia and mild depression... My acupuncturist is a Chinese doctor and has high reviews in treating (esp sports injuries and morning sickness, and things such as that, etc) and she wants me to stick with it because she believes it will assist in the healing of my intestines.

What I'm doing to maintain my strength is first, drinking range free chicken bone broth about three cups daily (slow cooked for hours for minerals).  Applesauce, plain Greek yogurt.  I blend in my bullet (for breakfast) a tablespoon each of the following: ground psyllium seed,  ground flax seed, and hemp powder... I combine that with coconut milk and water mixture and cut a small to medium banana and blend.  After cycling or exercise I eat a half of a can of tuna and/or salmon and/or sardines.  Every other day I will cut a mango fruit up and eat. I eat canned artichokes every other day because I happen to crave them. I take (if I remember) a B-12 sublingual daily and a multiple liquid vitamin.  I make a warm mixture (a cup per day) of Powdered slippery elm and water.  I drink a couple of cups of green tea (the macha version of green tea) The above seems to sustain me (but I do get tired)  If I vary from this regime... I suffer.   I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO EAT NORMALLY.  Even eating my aforementioned food list... I have diarrhea every morning two or three times... if I VARY from my ritual, there is serious GAS and more frequent diarrhea.

I'm tired of all this.

I don't have time to be sick.

Who else experiences this?   And what have you found, if anything, that you get relief?  It has been 15 months and I just want things to NORMALIZE.  If you've gotten this far in reading... thanks for lending an ear.
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I have IBS and had gallbladder issues. Also, I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety. For as along as a I can remember I have had "tummy" issues. I recently had my gallbladder taken out and, wow, that way amazing and has helped me greatly; however, I still have IBS. When I have an attack I get hot and cold flashes and feel like I need to be in a bathroom asap it's like my colon is spamming because it's not really tummy discomfort but more colon discomfort. I also noted that after I cut certain foods that seemed to make it worse the flares have simmered down a bit. My doctor actually suggested I be tested for food allergies but my insurance doesn't cover it and it's like $500. Dr, said that a lot of people with these issues are actually suffering from food allergies and just don't know it and it gets disgnosed as IBS etc. When I cut chocolate and limited my dairy, my symptoms lessened. So, even if you are super healthy you could be battling with a food allergy and don't even know it and that could be causing some of this and simply cutting something out of your diet could help. Also, when I get nervous about something I get flares, that's why I brought up my anxiety. I call it anxiety s**ts, lol. Hope that helped.
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Sorry for the typos and signs. Did that post from my phone and I'm sure that counts for the issues.  
thank you .. your post was helpful.  I'm doing some experimentation like you and have eliminated dairy.. it is helping to a small degree.  I basically have not had chocolate for a couple of months.  I will give this time and see how it goes.  Thank you for your response.
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