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Is this Coeliac Disease?

Hi I am a 28yr old female and I've recently had some issues with my digestion.

Well, first of all if I eat something high in gluten such as pasta or bread within less than an hour of eating it I experience a range of painful cramps in my pelvic area which is usually an urge for me to go to the toilet. When I go to the toilet I have real difficulty in eliminating and I'm actually very constipated. I also used to get very heavy feelings in my stomach after drinking orange juice early in the morning and sometimes if I would get myself a tea, coffee or hot chocolate my stomach would rumble very loudly. This is worse on an empty stomach.

So what I did was avoid gluten for a whole week and the constipation stopped. I'm now wondering if this is Celiac Disease?


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it could be, but then again it could be an allergy or a myriad of other things.  The only way to know for sure is to have a blood test and then a confirmatory small bowel biopsy.  If you don't care what the diagnosis is and just want to feel better, try cutting out all gluten and see how you feel.  
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Hi Frootloopa, thanks for your answer.

I had a blood test done for celiac but I was not eating gluten at the time and the test came back normal. I also have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis but take Thyroxine for this at 100mcg.
I did cut out all gluten for the week, ate completely healthy, drank lots of water and I had about 2 or 3 days with constipation but it then stopped. Very strange.

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I too have Hashimoto's Thyroid and have always thought I'm celic. Believe it or not there are some commonalities since both are an autoimmune disorder that is very sensitive to inflammation. They also both are highly suseptible to other inflammatory disorders such as RA, diabetes, lupus, etc.
I'm learning so much about it that it explains a lot of things I've experienced in my life.
I also have a sensitivity to wheat and any other highly inflammatory food. I've eliminated as much inflammatory foods as possible. Especially, Sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol.
I definitely feel better on my diet but with Thyroid problems you must monitor closely as the Thyroid is very sensitive. And since its an Autoimmune disorder with Hashimoto's you want to really take good care of yourself, so not to upset your immune system.
Really pay attention to what helps..your tummy is communicating to you when you eat something that doesnt agree with your body.
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