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Just diagnosed with Celiac disease

My digestive health has been playing up for quite a few years now. In 2013 I had my gallbladder removed following lots of tests, and excruciating pain. I had GERD before that and it has continued to be a problem with me placed on omeprazole then pantopropazole and now Dexilant, 60mg. My latest upper endoscopy, year after my last one showed that I had developed Barrett’s esophagus and I was also diagnosed with celiac disease, which had been flagged following blood tests. I was told that neither will go away and it is all about keeping it under control now, my gastroenterologist told me she is concerned and that I need to take this seriously. I do and do eat healthily, however while a lot of bloated ness has gone I am still struggling, I got glutoned by my mother in law accidentally the other day and was shocked by my bodies reaction, my joints swelled up and I was in a lot of pain. I have also been put on xifaxan due to the chronic diarrhea I keep suffering from and have been told to stay away from lactose for the next 6 months! There was good news during the months of testing I have had though and that was although I have numerous masses in and around my kidneys, and upper right lobe of my lung they are not deemed to be malignant. Also I have been told that the anxiety I have been suffering from could well be related to the celiac disease! Insane.
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