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Many symptons, celiac disease?


I have always had “weird” symptons, I couldn’t put my finger onto it, or I didn’t had much time to do some research but now I might finally know what it is, I think I have celiac disease. Now there are a lot of people who think they have this disease after having (a few) symptons but I have many symptons. English is not my main language so sorry for any errors.

I understand that not every issue/sympton is dangerous/means something, and that others (and healthy people) also have health issues like this but I do feel I kinda have many of them. I also think the combination of all these symptons may mean something. I am tested once for thyroid problems, and once for Lyme disease because I had a big/dangerous tick-bite rash (tested straight after bite).

These are symptons I have:

- I am 19 years old now and acording to my “growthcurve” (heigth of father and mother) My heigth should be 1.80 metres. I started puberty way later than everyone else and I have always been too short, I am 1.68 metres now and I don’t think that I will grow any longer.

-  I am also kinda tired and sleepy all day long, I thought it was because of school and stuff and that I just needed some rest. But now I have had a holiday, for the past 3 months and I have slept like 8-10 hours everyday and I am still tired and sleepy. My black circles also didn’t dissapear.

- Signs of Anemia (rapid heartbeat, headache, dizzines, pale skin – can see veins trough my skin, had little cracks at the corners of my mouth some years ago)

- Sudden muscle spasms (once per day or so)

- I am born with asthma and Acid Reflux

- Small individual red spots on torso

- Joint/bone/muscle pain (few times a day, doesn’t hurt too bad)

- “Pop” elbows (since a year or so)

- Pale sores in mouth (few times a year)

- Bad tooth (I brush 2 times a day with an electric brush but still many problems when I go to the dentists)

- Bloating and constipation – stool really, really smelling bad & oily (also Diarrhea few times per week)

- (Hereditary) Hairloss – bald temples already

- Migraine including temporary “blind spots” in sight

- Chestpains in hearth-area - maybe just ribcage

- Ocasionally strange things in eyesight, not only normal floaters but sometimes also hundreds of VERY fast moving transparant bolls. Sometimes I suddenly see a very flashy thing in my eyesight for a few seconds.

- Takes long to actually fall in sleep after going to bed

I had the intestinal problems all my life, but I just thougth that they where normal and when I was very young I didn’t really had so many issues like I have now.

When I was like 14 years old many of the problems started. I became tired, got little cracks on the sides of my mouth a few times,  got migraine with the blind spots in my vision and it was harder for me too sleep. Got some pale sores. I actually ended up in the hospital because I had an unbearable pain under my ribs (right lower quadrant), they thougth that I had a perforated cecum but luckily that was not the case – they didn’t really know what it was but I had high fever and I threw up 20 times or so.

Around 17 years old, I started balding. Strangely the migraine was now gone but instead I have more signs of anemia. I also got the muscle spasms and the joint/bone/muscle pain. The weird fast moving bolls and light circles make their appearance.

It seems, the older I get the more issues I get. I eat a decent and good amount of vegetables and fruits.

What do you guys think? Is it maybe celiac disease, or is there something else?
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Hi baratheon6.
My,my you have enough health issues for a fairly young person.
You need to revisit hypothyroid.
This time you should ask for Free T3, Free T4 AND Reverse T3! The tests you had only indicated serum thyroid hormone levels and NOT thyroid function! Please insist on those tests!
Lyme disease, not so easy to diagnose.
Most doctors and labs in Europe are clueless when it comes
to Lyme Disease. far too many false negatives.
Please post at the lymes disease forum.
As far as Celiac's avoid gluten totally for a minimum of 3 months. That involves getting well-informed on products which contain gluten, like envelopes, sauces, playdough,
shampoo, creams, cosmetics, thickeners, capsules, pills
salad dressings, beer...should I continue?
If you don't experience improvement in a few weeks,
eliminate dairy, as 50% of gluten-sensitive people are also sensitive to dairy ( cross-reactivity).
This is the best test-fool proof.
You should also ask your doctor for a complete iron panel.
If you are not absorbing iron, you need to find out the cause
and you may need intravenous administration for the time being -if indeed low, till the cause is identified,
It could be malabsorption issues, perhaps related to gluten
or other factor(s). Low iron would explain low energy, fatigue and would cause low thyroid function as well.
You have a lot of homework my friend. I suggest you start asap!
Best wishes,
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