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Misdiagnosed Fibromyalgia

After 10 years for me and 28 for my mom, we have finally been diagnosed with Celiac. For a very long time we both thought we had Fibromyalgia and were both officially diagnosed by several different doctors. Anyone else out there have the same thing happen?
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That is terrible what happened to you & your mother. I have CFS myself and you wouldn't believe how long it took me to get a diagnosis. I was also misdiagnosed in the past as well.

So how are you doing now ? Have all of your symptoms resolved ? I was on a gluten free diet myself for awhile because many people with CFS cannot tolerate gluten very well.
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I had mono/EBV and was told I had CFS and Fibromialgia.  Years later I found out I had Celiac all along.  Now I'm not sure about the Fibro.   I do have pains, and I failed some kind of test where the Dr. checked pressure points.  Still I also could have been misdiagnosed with Fibro when it was really Celiac.  Maybe it's both!  No matter, the gf diet really helps.  I wish you luck.  So many people are never diagnosed.  It's a starting point, right!

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