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Not clear about Celiac,HLA B27,uveitis,Vitamin B12 deficiency

I was having chronic itchy eye and eye inflammation problem and have visited to 4 different doctors. All have same answers, like you have allergy of something which is difficult to detect, gave prescription of steroid drops which was helping temporarily only and advised to wear goggles. This problem remained around 3-4 years.

Then during net surfing I came to know that I have symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency which I have confirmed through lab test. I started taking pills and injections as advised by doctor.

The good news was that along with B12 deficiency symptoms itchy eye and headache problem was solved.

Then I surfed on net and came to know that HLA-B27 positive people have gluten sensitivity and intake of gluten does not let intestine to absorb vitamin B12 and hence continuous intake of gluten creates vitamin B12 deficiency which lead to itchy eye problem and B12 deficiency related problems.

I have celiac disease related symptom like fatigue but that is also related to vitamin B12 deficiency.

My mother has chronic diarrhea and headache problem since 2005 which seems celiac disease. Through net I have surfed she might be also having gluten sensitivity and we have conducted food allergy panel test for ascertaining gluten allergy but test is negative for wheat but positive for peanut and sesame.
Now I realized that wheat allergy is different from gluten allergy and have wasted money in allergy panel test.
Kindly read my case and help me diagnose problem
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