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Onset of Celiac Disease symptoms

I have an appointment with a GI this coming Thursday.  I have multiple symptoms that are listed on the Celiac Disease Foundation web site.  I've also checked out some books from the library.  I've read about a possible "triggering" event that seems to possibly make the symptoms even worse.  I was diagnosed with IBS four years ago but wasn't sure if that was just the FP quickly making a waste basket diagnosis because I'm a woman.  Two years ago I was diagnosed with Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia by an electrophysiologist and he suggested that I might have dysautonomia.  A few months later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a rheumatologist.  Lyrica helped those symptoms a lot.  Then, one year ago, I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer.  I had a lumpectomy and radiation.  I had gained about 25 lbs. of excess weight prior to the cancer treatment.  All my followup tests and colonoscopy have been negative.  However, I've lost 40 lbs., my hair is thinning excessively, my finger nails are brittle.  I've been tested for thyroid symptoms but that was normal.  Could the surgery have been the "triggering event" for me?  I'm eating what the hospital nutritionist said was a very "healthy" diet, but I keep loosing weight.  Could Celiac Disease be the reason that I almost seem to be malnourished?
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are you experiencing irregular bowel movements, cramping nausea...ect?  If so, be sure to keep track of what you are eating prior to these events.  My symptoms where very mild for a few years so I had no cause for concern then once I adopted a a beter diet 3 months ago, my symptoms hit the roof.  Also, there are genetic tests that can be performed to determine if you have one or more of the genes that indicate Celia Sprue.  

Best Wishes
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Thank you for your response to my posting.  Because I'd had elevated cholesterol and high LDL, I had adopted a diet that was high in wheat grains, wheat bread, and wheat pasta.  It brought down these lab results to the normal range, but then this weight loss started.  The gastroenterologist ordered the IgA related tests as a starting point along with sedimentation rate and C-Reactive Protein, and several vitamin levels.  She said that if the Celiac related tests were positive, I would need an endoscopy to see "how much damage there is in the small intestine."  I'm not really wanting to go through that procedure.  I have a strong gag reflex and don't know how I could possibly swallow that tube.  If these tests are positive and I have Celiac, why can't we just treat it with the gluten free diet?  I'm sick of testing and procedures.  Have any of you just said, "Ok the blood test was positive and that's where we're stopping."?  What am I going to gain by knowing my small intestine is damaged?
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Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. Can I ask how old you are, and what is your diet like, are you allergic to any foods in particular, and do you have any other allergies (grass, mold, pollen type of allergies)?
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I'm 55 yrs. old.  I have an allergy to catfish but not shellfish.  I do have allergies to grasses, trees, Alternaria, most pollens, and dust mites.  I have tried to really limit any red meat and switched to chicken and ground turkey.  I like yogurt and frequently have that for breakfast.  I like prunes, apples, and bananas for snacks.  We have gone to the "Steamers" frozen vegetables to limit our salt intake.  I do have organic corn chips and salsa but try to keep things like cookies and cakes out of the house. - Kay
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Hi, ok from what you are telling me it sound like you do have food allergies, which makes you prone to develop irritable bowel syndrome, which is what your FP has diagnosed, so that kind of fits.

The kind of allergies you describe are primarily IgA mediated, which just means they are centered mainly in your sinus & mucous tracts. Believe it or not but that kind of makes you prone to developing IBS, since the immune system in the gut is the source of & mediated by the IgA antibodies.

A low or fluctuating thyroid is usually a sign of celiac disease, as the whole system goes out of whack with the inflammation & malnutrition, so with normal thyroid tests its less likely you are a celiac sufferer. Although the hair loss & brittle finger nails & weight loss are pointing to something causing malnutrition in you.

The radiation therapy is pretty damaging, not just to the cells in your chest but also to the cells nearby. Radiation tends to damage cells pretty badly & the cells around those cells will tend to have a harder time of functioning normally as a result. You might take a look at where on you the radiation was directed at in your body, where exactly the lump was to begin with, & the angle the radiation was directed at (think what is behind the lump on your body here) when you were undergoing that therapy.

My thinking is you might be having a slow recovery from the radiation treatment for the cancer & the radiation possibly affected part of your small or large intestine, causing it to malfunction. This will lead to a loss of the intestinal villi in the intestine making it harder for you to absorb nutrients you need to keep your optimal weight. The symptoms you are describing sort of mimic celiac disease, but in order to set those symptoms off in a person who has a gluten sensitivity, it is necessary to eat gluten on a daily basis, which it sounds right now like you are not on a high gluten intake diet.

I'll tell you what I did in order to recover from a 65 pound weight loss that occurred to me as I tried to recover from apparently what was 4 decades of unknown celiac disease in me, I started taking the B vitamins separately with my meals, and started taking sublingual B-12 tablets (dissolve under the tongue tablets), and calcium tablets daily (I take the B-12 & calcium tablet in the early morning & go back to bed after taking them, & get the rest of my calcium from fortified OJ during the daytime). Then I started making my meals from foods that create protein in me from the essential amino acids, so that would be veggie food sources that supply enough of the essential amino acids in order to eventually get enough of them in me to be able to make complete proteins. So my main diet is rice, beans & corn, which alone about work to replace eggs or meat as my food sources so my body can build protein.

I don't know if you know this or allergic to them, but the best source of complete protein are chicken eggs (in fact eggs are used as the 100% benchmark protein source that all other protein food sources are measured by). But I'm allergic to the things & am so bad with them I can't even get flu shots cultivated in chicken eggs (I get sick for about a week after a shot that uses eggs for the incubation source for the vaccine to the point where I can't even walk or move my joints, it's pretty bad) so I have to avoid eggs like the plague :-(

But I've found with me the trick is to get my meal ready to eat, then before the meal take the vitamins, then eat the meal afterward. But I usually buy the B vitamins individually & the problem with buying them that way is the manufacturers sell them in huge dose amounts, way more then a person should take at one time. It is so ridiculous with B vitamins that some of the ones I have would supply a person with enough of the vitamin for over 2 months! At those doses these vitamins become toxic, even though the B vitamins are water soluble & are passed out by the kidneys. So I've found the trick with the vitamins is just to take a nibble of each one before the meal, then eat afterward.

For me what I have on my shelf are these guys:

Vitamin B-1
Vitamin B-2

Vitamin B-3 (niacin) but I use Niacinamide instead of niacin (also known as nicotinamide, it is converted into niacin in the liver & doesn't cause as many problems as niacin does)

Vitamin B-5 (pantothenic acid, which I've found a supplier who sells a neat version of this one that they sell as an "Anti-Allergy" formula & put in Vitamin C & Quercetin to help reduce allergy responses, the stuff helps a lot I would say)

Vitamin B-6 (a tiny nibble of this stuff is all it takes, it is really powerful)

Folic acid

And finally Vitamin D-3.

What I found by doing this & making sure to eliminate all the foods I am allergic to is over time I began to gain weight, my hair became healthy & strong, yet soft too after I wash it (lol) and my fingernails are really strong now. I was stuck at about 140 pounds for years (I'm about 5' 10") & am currently about 160. So a little on the light side, but it's better then being stuck at 140.

Anyway this is what I've done to get quite a bit of my health back. I'm still fragile but doing a lot better then I was earlier this decade. Consider this stuff, it might help you out. Good luck :-)
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I have just read through your informative post and wanted to tell you that was the best ever explanation about B vitamins ...i have been trying to take them but have found they seem to make me sick, I have asked on other forums how I should take them no one except you seem to have an answer, I am not certain if I  am allergic to Gluten but am doing my own research and trying anything I can to slove the mystery of my symptoms .
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Thank you for that kind compliment margypops :-)

I found all that stuff out the hard way, trial & error & having to research it for my own health. A little bit of vitamins go a long way & the doses the manufacturers are selling are just way too high for us to be taking at one time. The B vitamins are less of a problem in high doses then the fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E & K) because the B's are water soluble, but still too much of anything at one time can harm a person. The fat soluble vitamins tend to collect in our fat tissues & will become more toxic usually at a faster rate then the water solubles, but an overdose is an overdose, & there is no point in going from an 'underdose' of vitamins to an overdose. That's just exchanging one side of a problem for the other :-( we need balance & moderation with B vitamins, not an 'underdose/overdose' cycle.

Btw, I only supplement the B vitamins, never the fat soluble vitamins. Those I get strictly from food with the exception of vitamin D, which I take a supplement that only supplies the RDA of vitamin D for one day in a tablet, and even then I only take a bite of a tablet with each meal, never a complete tablet at one time. But vitamin A I get from carrots, E from canola oil, K from veggies that are rich in it. And doing it that way, I never end up overdosing on the fat soluble vitamins since they are coming mainly from the foods I eat that are rich in those vitamins :-)

Btw what kind of symptoms are you having? Celiac disease is a nasty little whiff of a disease, it can mimic a lot of other conditions & trigger a lot of nasty complications. I went with it for decades not realizing the worsening symptoms I was getting were coming from it. I'm thinking the disease killed my father & grandmother (on dad's side) both at fairly young ages. It can kill you if you don't get a handle on it asap (dad by suicide from depression, grandma from colon cancer). If it goes too long it can cause major life problems (loss of sex drive, multiple food allergies requiring a really restricted diet, arthritis, liver problems, neurological problems, etc). If you need any feedback on your symptoms send me your questions, I'll do my best to help you work out whether you are dealing with it or not.

Take care :-)
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