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Problems with gluten in medications

Ok so I'm taking antibiotics for trichomoniasis and they are killing me, I mean i feel terrible, I don't know what to do, I don't tollerate gluten and the pills have it, I was doing ok for the first three days but I started to feel bad yesterday,  I don't know if I should discontinue the treatment because the bacteria can then become resistant to the meds and is gonna be worse, maybe Im gonna have to finish it, ¿what do you think? I haven't been able to find the injected variant of metronidazole so I'm stuck with these pills apparently, ¿can I accelerate the treatment by taking a higher dose? Thank you for your answer, don't feel shy to answer, any answer is welcome.
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Antibiotics can make me feel terrible, especially Cipro.  I hear Cipro sometimes has gluten in it.  I don't know about metronidazole.  

Once you finish it you can take a prebiotic (gluten-free of course) to recover sooner.  
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Thank you, I didn't know about the prebiotics.
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I always tell my doctor i need something without gluten. if u ask the pharmacist he/she should be able to give u a list of GF pills. It helped me i brought that to my appointments and helped the doctor give me meds. :)
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