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Relieving pain?

New to being Celiac and very confused! I am trying to be gluten free. Thought I was doing good but last 2 days the constant abdominal pain that never goes away. It is so overwhelmingly uncomfortable. Is there anything I can do to make this pass and start feeling better. Also do you know how long it will take for it to go away I can hardly stand this anymore and REALLY need relief. Thanks for any help to relieve this.....
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I too have the same problem with constant abdominal pain but have yet to figure out what the cause is.  I can go a few days gluten free and still suffer from the pain and then I wonder if celiac/gluten is what I am actually suffering from.   Try some kind of antacid like Tums...see if that helps.  It could also be gas that is blocked in your colon so gas pills may help as well.  Hope you get better.
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Well 1) you have to be completely gluten free, and 2) It will take time.  You guys are talking about a few days.  If you ingest gluten it is not abnormal to have stomach pain for 5 or so days afterwards.  If you are absolutely gluten free your bodies will detox and stop attacking itself, and it will get better.  Also dairy is a common problem in celiacs that needs to be eliminated at least initially.

It can help to speed it up by supporting the detox process; liver supporting supplements, fiber to promote bowel movements, taking a probiotic, reduce the inflammation (omega-3s, turmeric/curry), saunas...but none of those things are necessary and if they are used they must be gluten free.  A good book to read that can help to learn about this and even a guide on how, why, when is the UltraSimple Diet.  I have personally used this book and it does help speed things up and relieve some of the inconveniences, but the main thing is completely gluten free.

Beentrying2quit, from what you have said you go a few days gluten free, so I wouldn't expect to see any results if you are eating gluten every once in awhile.  
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If i have to eliminate Gluten and dairy what can I eat. I have to take all my food for the day with me for work. I am afraid to put anything in my mouth because this pain is awful, but yet I know I need to eat. I really don't want to lose any weight. It has taken me 2 years to get down to this ideal weight and much lower would not be very good. I am literally afraid to even take my vitamins, have coffee or anything for fear that the pain will persist or get worse. I have had the pain now for 2 days, today I am uncomfortable but not as bad. One thing I noticed is if I am up and moving all the time it seems to subside is this usual? Beentrying2quit glad I am not alone trying to figure this out. It is nice to know someone else is feeing the same way. Soonerman you are a wealth of information thank you. I am starting to keep a food diary now and also I am only eating one thing and nothing else for a few hours to see how it goes before eating something else. Good idea??? Any other suggestions to prevent the pain? Thanks both of you...
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I was wondering the same thing if there is something else that could be wrong. It hurts constantly and I am sick of it.
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Well not all celiacs have trouble with dairy, but most do at first and then can tollerate it once the intestines heal.  I substituted Soy Products at first and am fine with dairy now.  And you can maintain and gain weight being gluten free; eat all the chicken, fish, beef, steak, vegetables, rice, potatoes, corn tortillas, corn chips, fruit...you want.  I also take my food to work with me, and I know it is difficult at first because it is so much of a change in lifestyle.  I have a question for you, since going gluten free, have you had regular bowel movements or have you even had one since?  Most of my pain was relieved when I had to help myself have bowel movements in the beginning.

I know everyone is different in how they react to gluten, the severity of the reaction, and pains/reactions when eliminating gluten.  My stomach pains weren't as bad as yours sound and only lasted 1 day, but my energy levels and mood was affected adversely at first and then got dramatically better.  I think it may help you and others to visit www.glutenfreeforum.com, that way you can hear from other Celiacs that have been through alot and know alot.  It helps to hear from several people especially those that have had the same severity of problems that you have.  There are a ton of people with knowledge on all Celiac Issues.  That website almost has too much information, and also has alot of people with other food intollerances in addition to being a Celiac, so don't feel overwhelmed or get caught up in some of the other stuff that may not apply to you.
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It is 3 days now and the pain is still there just more tolerable. My energy level is coming back up and I feel yes happier. I have regular bowel movements, always have because I eat very healthy normally, lots of fiber, water and exercise. This is bringing my exercise down i have to force myself and some days I just can't do it. I was wondering if it could be something else. I am trying to be strict on the diet and journaling now every day. I will try this for a week or two and if things don't get better I may go in for further tests. What a pain having a pain. I will certainly check out the website.
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