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Severe depression!

I was diagnosed with celiac disease about 7 months ago. I had lots of stomach issues and in the end it turned out to be this allergy to gluten. Ever since I stopped eating gluten I felt a lot better. My symptoms disappeared or at least became much more manageable as I knew it was gluten that was creating the problems. However one symptom (if that's the the correct thing to call it) is lingering and that is anxiety and depression. I get bouts of severe anxiety every now and then, as frequently as every few weeks. I don't know if this is being caused by me being a celiac or something else. Does anyone else experience depression? To be more specific it's more like this extreme feeling of overwhelm and I just feel like giving up and just waiting for death! I have a lot of morbid thoughts, never to the point of self harm but I'm wondering where this anxiety could lead to if not stopped. I'm in my early 20s, my parents don't care much about my depression and always brush it off as a symptom of celiac. I need to know if I should start medication for my depression because controlling my diet and avoiding gluten is not exactly helping my depression. And if this is a symptom of celiac disease, how long does it take (months, years?) for it to die down?
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My husband recently was diagnosed with CD and he has the same symptoms and does take meds and they do help. I cant help with how long and do they get better as he is newly diagnosed. I am sorry your parents are not sensitive to what you are going thru maybe you could find a friend or look into local cd support groups for help with these issues. Or just join some groups on facebook if you are on there. Def talk to your regular doctor about the anxiety/depression there are meds that can help and I have seen improvements with my husband. Dont give up!!
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