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Should I remove my gallbladder?

After a massive intended weight loss of 45 pounds I've run into some problems. For the past 10 months I've experienced pain and nausea (not always diet/food related) which feels like IM pain radiating from my heart to my back sometimes below my ribs in the gallbladder area... upon a talking to the G.I. doctors an ultrasound was obtained and I have gallstones... I've always followed the doctors advice and so I said date for my surgery.  With my last attack my AST levels elevated to 99 and I had to repeatedly go back to the ER for pain management. Luckily my pancreas and liver are still quite health at the moment. I'm just looking for a little reassurance because now my family is trying to talk me out of surgery... for peace of mind how easy is it to fix gallbladder issues with diet? What problems will I face without a gallbladder? My attacks are every month to couple weeks...
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