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Hi. I have a skin condition inside my hands. It looks like acnee, which people get in their faces. It burns in the beginning, but become itching. If open, there's a yelowish fluid coming out. After that. the skin becomes dry and itchy. In the meantime, more acnees develop in the same area.

With that I have severe pain between my ribs, front which spread to the upper back, then lower back and at this moment it's also in my bum.

I also had my last Menstruation during July this year.

I don't know if this has something to do with each other. All I know, is that I don't have a full live. It goes away for a few weeks, but return and becomes worse every time it appears.

Please help me, I'm desperate.
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Val, if you have celiac disease and the rash is due to that it means you're still being exposed to gluten. You may also need to find out if you're cross-reacting the casein - the protein in diary. A lot of celiac do unfortunately cross-react and it can continue the celiac-like issues.
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