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The medical cure for Celiac

I have to wonder....with all the people that suffer from Celiac's disease you would think that drug companies would be frantically searchhing for a cure.  Which leads me to my next question.  When/if they do find a drug cure how bad will the side effects be?  Probably the usual.  Nose bleed, anal leakage, headache, sneezing, itching, rash, loss of taste, insomnia, constipation, loss of sight, anxiety, depression and weight loss..but by golly we will be able to eat wheat again.
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Well coming from someone who has type 1 diabetes, graves' disease and celiac disease....to me going non/gluten was a cure and a simple one.

I would rather eat a gluten free diet then be on a drug that could have other complications. I'm already reliant on medication for the rest of my life. If all I have to do to feel good is not eat gluten! So be it! I was so relieved when I was finally diagnosed an learn that this was all I had to do to treat the condition.

Yes it's not easy, but it's a hell of a lot better then other conditions and diseases out there.

Anyhow, in regards to your question about drug companies not finding a cure...the reason they don't is simply what I stated above.

Though Celiac disease is not an allergy, it is treated the same. They don't have a cure for people with Lactose intolerance, or peanut allergies. You just avoid what makes you sick.

The medical world is concerned with finding cures and medications for the diseases that can't be treated any other way. Diabetes for example, if I didn't take insulin I would die. It I didn't have an effective way to test my blood sugar I would go blind, have kidney failure, amputation, comatose, death...

On a side note, I have found a brand of gluten free bread products that are awesome!! It's called gluteno. I highly recommend it. They have amazing bagels! I never thought I'd eat a bagel w/cream cheese again! My hubby even thinks they taste like the real thing.
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AWESOME POST! I totally agree with your comment about drug companies only treating conditions that they are not able to cure...I had never really thought of it that way.

I had read another post about Glutino bread and instantly went to their website and ordered $50 worth of bread and cereal.  I hope you are right about the taste.  I purchased a loaf of gluten free bread from the local health food store and thought I was going to puke after my first bite.

By the way...is creame cheese gluten free?  This has been my biggest problem..knowing what has gluten and what does not.  I absolutely love Fruity Pebbles, made from rice, and Corn pops.  Nowhere on the lable does it say either contain wheat, barley or rye..yet both of them seem to upset my digestive system.  Oh well...I'll keep trying.
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How long have you been Gluten free?

It can take quite a while for your digestive system to settle down. It can remain sensitive for a while.

The other thing when it comes to those types of cereals is that if they are processed in the factory where products the do have gluten in them are processed. It can still be contaminated.

I've eaten corn pops and they don't seem to bother me. But I rarely eat cold cereal cause I'm not really a fan of milk.

Philly Cream Cheeses are gluten free, so you should be safe there.
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There is a research protocol that lists Celiac disease as one of their conditions that they can treat. This protocol is set out to cure illnesses and many people have found success on it. I have CFS and have been on it and notice that I can tolerate gluten now !

Any physician can prescribe the medications for this protocol.. they are not research medications. For more information, google " Marshall Protocol " or send me a PM and I will send you some links.

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I am so happy to be reading all these postings.  
I have not been tested for Celiac by endoscopy of the small intestines yet but have by blood and that was normal...but I have been having all of the symptoms that you guys are going through(12years & I believe it has affected my nervous system)..so I may not have Celiac but I believe that I am definitely Gluten intolerant.  Did a complete cardiology work up..waiting on the results of the holter monitor but everything else was fine.  I just did an MRI  and that was normal, doing an EMG next week.  Doing an audio today and an ENG next week because everything is affected..feeling of being unbalanced when standing sitting or walking.
I have been on the Gluten Free diet for over two months now and like you guys would love to go a month or even a whole week and feel great but I am feeling so  so much better than I did for the last twelve years.  It's just that sometimes I may eat something which I may believe to be Gluten Free and I get this feeling of total weakness but like Triskit82 said it doesn't last as long and that I am thankful for.  I need to know how good is the testing for the stool as am on the Gluten Free and also the gene testing...because I do not want to eat gluten just to know that I am gluten intolerant

Please let me know.  Appreciate any feed back..thanks
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