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Very painful bloody strange stools

No one in my family on either side, even my parents or siblings have any bowel issues. Yet I've been dealing with this for over a month and the earliest I can see a gastroenterologist is the first week of December. I've never had an issue like this unless I had the flu or a stomach virus. I'm just one of those people who just doesn't get sick often or have bowel problems. I used to go once a day but I'm going once to twice a week with painful movements. This weekend it's now bloody and the cramping and sharp stabbing pains are getting to where I can no longer bear it. I've had to work like this since it started and two weeks after the first horrific bout of diarrhea I got very sick. Swollen lymph nodes, fever and chills, uncontrollable vomiting and - you guessed it - diarrhea - no appetite, horrible head ache and neck pain (maybe from swollen lymph nodes?). Well the diarrhea is here to stay (and was there at least two weeks before vomiting, etc.) but I can't keep missing work or being afraid of what I can eat. The only thing I've done is reduce dairy but that was years ago. The coconut milk, almond milk and juices I drink now I've been drinking for years so I don't honestly know what's causing this. I just desperately want it to stop. Every time it starts the cramping and stabbing pain comes first. Bowel movement starts solid and is tear drop  in shape, then goes ropey, then is crumbly shredded bits of red. I'm cramping and may have to stay home until noon from work but I have to make up the hours I'm gone. I am now only eating twice a day and I'm afraid to go to the bathroom anymore and in fact I may just eat dinner if I'm still cramping. Even in-between movements I'll get sharp stabbing pains now and no matter what I do - nothing seems to work. I just know I'm getting worse and losing weight. I've steadily lost muscle tone and weigh 119 lbs. instead of 127lbs. All I want to do is sleep and I'm not active anymore like I used to be. I want my life back but I don't know if I should start taking something like a probiotic while I wait for my first appointment. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am so tired of this.
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It sounds like you have food intolerances.. I had been diagnosed with IBS and i had problems with diarrhea and constipation. not going for a few days can cause problems and when you do go if you strain, that can cause tearing, bleeding and even Hemeroids(sp?) Any digestive problems (heartburn, bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation, gurgling sounds, pains in stomach, rib cage, cramping... you name it, it is related to a food intolerance. I would suggest that you look up the paleo diet, cutting out gluten will help but it may not be the only intolerance you have. If you follow the paleo diet even just for 30 days, you can cure your pains and you can start figuring out what is the culprit by slowly adding foods back in. Grains are the worst - I cut out gluten, then followed that by milk, then I noticed rice and oatmeal caused problems too they were next. Now I feel great! ****.com is a great site, and it has a forum on it.. also try just doing a search with your symptoms and paleo and see what comes up.. I'm sure lots of people are in the exact same situation as you.. hope this helps!
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going once to twice a week was making me think you could have fissures and hemorroids, (can't spell it either!)

Crumblu bits of shredded red do not sound like bloody stools, usually , bloody stools, depending on where they come from, will look more like coffee grounds, or you will hae bloody streaks on the outside of the stool.

I take meds that cause constipation and seem to cause some IBS--i often hae a lot of mucous with blood in it and after some BMs I will end up wiping bright red blood.  I have had a colonsocopy, and all is fine, except i have hemorroids.

It couldn't hurt to ask to have a total Iga serum and  Ttg Uga run to rule out celiac---and if that come back negative, you might start with an elimination diet and then slowly add items back in to see if you can figure out what is going on.   An appointment with a GI would be a good idea.
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