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What causes decreased folds in duodenum

I had a endoscopy and it showed that I had decreased folds in duodenum. What is that?

Also the biopsy showed I did not have celiac. But I have also been on gluten free for 6 yrs would that show up like that if it is celiac with the decreased folds but vili are ok?

I originally didn't go to the gi doctor for gluten. 6yrs ago Doctors said gluten was my problem so I stoped eating it. After I went gluten free I felt 10x better. Up until 7 months ago. For some reason  (iv penned the case) dairy and fructose give me issues.... how ever the intolerant test for both were negative.. however the day I did the fructose test I was so sick from the 25 grams of fructose. And still when I consume hfcs not thinking and reading ingredients I get sick. Doctors have not a clue why or what's wrong and they just left me hanging.... my gi doctor was going to ask around and talk to the doctor who did my scope if I could have celiac or not. She was to call me this week and let me know but she didn't call me. I called the office today and left a message but no phone call back

I'm realy starting to get frustrated. Because I want a reason why when I eat even a bite of gluten I'm sick.. or when I consume dairy or fructose I have a upset stomach and diarrhea
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My opinion is that many of the common markers of duodenal mucosal injury -the main cause of celiac disease- may have not been detected.
The markers are decreased folds, scalloping folds,
increases vascularity, mosaic mucosal pattern, etc.
Did you have endomysial antibody testing?
Also for histological verification of Celiac's, in order to increase sensitivity, a total of 6 biopsies are required at specific loci .
It is not necessarily an easy diagnosis by any means, therefore, I would recommend you consider accepting an informal clinical diagnosis, based on symptoms and presentation.
In other words, adjust your diet and lifestyle as if you had an official dx of celiac's.
Now, as far as dairy and fructose, you may have what is called cross-reactivity.
Cross-reactivity in food sensitivity occurs when the proteins in one substance  are similar to the proteins found in another substance.
It is estimated that 1/2 of the people sensitive to gluten are also sensitive to dairy due to cross-reactivity.
As far as fructose goes, it could be cross-reactivity, or a specific issue with fructose.
Unfortunately the tests you had are far from perfect with too many false positive or false negative results.
Nothing beats the elimination diet results! They are as real as it gets!
Another good test and fairly accurate in my opinion is Dr Coca's Pulse test.
Free download and it can also detect hidden or delayed
reactions. It takes about a week to complete.
It is not an established medical test, because it is... free.
Most free things do not make it into conventional medicine, even if they work, due to the lack of profit
Take charge of your own health matters and your life may improve dramatically.
Doctors working within the limitations and flaws of the profit-driven conventional medical system, may unnecessarily keep you in limbo.
If you have any questions, post again or message me.
Best wishes,

Yeah. My gi doctor this time says she thinks it realy is celiac but my biopsy was negative. But then again I haven't ate gluten in 6yrs. I don't think I have had that test your talking about. I did have a blood test but was already gluten free. See what happen was I was so so sick 6 yrs ago that my pediatric doctor at the time said to go gf for 3 months so I did and I was so much better so she said to stay on it. Well after a yr and a half of being on it she decided she wanted to run celiac test because my symptoms were so close to celiac.. well she did that blood test and was negative for the antibody because we'll I wasn't eating it. Then just this yr I was sent to the gi doctor and she thought I had celiac and want to see what was going on in my gi track because they don't know why I can't have thoes foods..... after figuring out what foods to stay away from iv been good for 3 weeks now :) and starting to gain back weight again.. anyway gi doctor thinks I I have celiac and if not celiac then I'm extremely intolerant to gluten... I just thought it was weird I had decreased folds in duodenum on the endoscopy but my biopsy was fine. Can the vili grow back and not folds?
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Once the underlying inflammation which is causing the damage to the villi is addressed, the villi will start regenerating.
Hmm ok. I'm still confused but it's ok. I have decreased folds but my vili I guess or fine... who knows. My gi doctor was to call me this week to see what she found out about why I have decreased folds and also to maybe have idea why fructose and dairy are now a issue but she didn't call. I even called her like I was supposed to if she didn't call me by Wed and I left a message but she didn't call back.
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