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celiac/anemia/menstruation problems

This is my first time posting.  I've been struggling with anemia (ferritin is now at -1) for over a year.  I am going to be tested for celiac.  Is there an association with heavy menstruation and celiac?  Mine is extremely heavy for day 1 and day 2 with clots and strange clear fluid.
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I've not heard of heavier periods with celiac although heavier periods can cause anemia and celiac can cause anemia but both for different reasons.  Are you staking iron supplements?
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my daughter has not been tested for celiac...but, there is no doubt in my mind or hers...she has it.   she has every single symptom, etc.  She has IBS, her brother (my son) has Crohns, and their dad has  ulcerative Colitis.   MY daughter has the skin problem..that they thought was exzema.  but the meds for exzema never have worked.  she has a pituitary tumor...she has been anemic most of her life...for no apparent reason. (no heavy periods)  but her periods are always irregular.  Her sister in law makes her own bread...she grinds her own wheat...if my daughter is around when shes making it....she has trouble breathing..she said it feels like her throat is closing up.  She gets dehydrated easy...every single symptom  that goes with Celiac   she has.   The first sign of it  was when she was 6.  Shes 33 now.   I just happened to be a one of these websites one nite..people were talking about " gluten intolerance"  so, I looked it up to see what it was....I almost fell off my chair.   Her insurance wont pay for the blood work to find out....God forbid her father get tested..his would pay for it.  But, all he cares about is himself.   Anyway...thats another website...lol.   But, yes..all her growing up years..everytime she had to have blood work for something....it always came back she was Anemic.  She was forever dehydrated..constantly battling what we thought was exzema...then the tumor...it said in the symptoms.." indocrine system problems"   like tumors.    She wants to get the blood work done   before she commits her life to such a drastic change....its not just a matter of changing what you eat..it requires  buying new pots and pans..etc....
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I have seen skipped periods and heavy uncontrollable periods due to a celiac having pituitary, thyroid, adrenal, (many complex hormone imbalance starting points).
The thing is, the body is not absorbing properly, thus all sorts of systems can be out of whack due to not getting what they need.
both my brother and I are celiac, my granmother, suffers from a severe bone marrow issue with regard to lacking or inability to get enough iron in the system. She suffered terrible monthly cycles enough that she had a hysterectomy.  The same as my mother who was finally recommended a hysterectomy.  For me, I am the first to go gluten free, and my monthly symptoms are almost nill not that I am GF, but if I get contaminated, the next months cycle is super screwy and super emotional.
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