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hi i have been diagnosed with celiac for 2.5yrs now. it runs in my family. I have been on a gf diet since then.
I was feeling better until a couple of mos ago. my symptoms are returning i think. i actually get migraines from
gluten. werid i know it definetly an atypical symptom. the rest of my family has more typical ones. im very careful about my diet. im not sure where im messing up. i do alot of reading and research on the interent and in books.
there arent any good docs in my area. most docs dont know anything or I am more well read on the subject than they are. does anyone have any reccomendations for shopping? i have been using a gf ingredient list from celiac.com and the gf restaurant guide occasionally. I also cut out any meats cured w sodium nitrates bc a family member read that they could also be a problem. I try to use only olive oil. though occasionally if i dont have a choice i use canolia. my spices are gf. does anyone have any ideas?

also has anyone used the gf grocery guide from triumphdining? im not sure its anywhere near acurate what do u think?
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Have u checked all of your other products, like lotions, shampoos, soaps, etc? Could there be cross contamination from a shared kitchen? You have to go over EVERYTHING, and it should pop up somewhere.

Also, migraines are not that uncommon as a symptom.
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