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CP and mental disorders?

Im 33 and have hemiplegic CP. Had epilepsy when i was a kid. I have suffered with depression for 15 years. In -07 i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. No one in my family has mental disorders. I asked my physiatrist about the connection between CP and bipolarity. She cant confirm that.It seems that physiatrists only rely that its all genetics. I have search the web about CP and the link to bipolarity. Cant find any research about it.So i thought that the only way is to ask people with CP.
Does any of you have any mental disorders?
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I just read on this forum that people with CP who have had brain scans always show people with brain damage.  I don't know how true this is, but I just read it on this forum.  Of course that doesn't mean you are mentally disabled or challenged.  It could be nothing or something slight (maybe bipolarity...I don't know).  I'm just pointing out what I just read on this forum.
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Hi. The brain damage resulting from cerebral palsy is vulnerable to the development of bipolar spectrum disorder, a version of bipolar disorder in which patients respond poorly to antidepressant medication treatment. Extreme mood swings are the most common symptom of bipolar spectrum disorder. Unfortunately, there is no cure for bipolar spectrum disorder. However, lifelong treatment can help people with the condition manage their emotions. To know more about bipolar spectrum disorders, consult your doctor. Thanks for asking.
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Im 39 yrs old and I have CP, deaf, bipolar disorder,  borderline personality disorder. I have found a website that shows evidence of CP connection to bipolar disorder thru MRI scanning.  The website is www.bipolarworld.net
Type in: any connection between CP and bipolar
Very interesting information.  I hope this will help u.
  my name is cheryl
If u have any questions feel free to text me
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