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Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy

I am 29 years old, i have a hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy of the right side. I had the weakness since birth. in 2002 i had a focal seizure after appeared an EEG,do you think hemiplegia is related to parkinson disease. because my new specialist give me a drug trial(Madopar) to reduce my pain especially my hand n foot i the right side body.

I had a MRI of the brain and the result is Longstanding left hemicranial atrophy with atrophic changes in the left cerebral hemisphere.

Anyone can help me?
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I also have hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy.  I am 39 and have seizures that started in my mid 20's.  I also met a lady who also had hemiplegic cerebral palsy and she too had siezures pop up in her mid 20's.
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Do you know why you have hrmiplegic cerebral palsy? because i'm still confuse what's going on with me ,i went to see couple specialist here, they told me different thing.  of them said i had stroke when i was in my mom's womb, the other said i had hemiplegic CP. yesterday i found out from my dad, when i was 1 year old. i had german measles  and collapse for couple days, my doctor gave me the injection for it. when i wake up weakness on all my right body.

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I have have 2 different neurologists say 2 different things about why I have cp.  One said I had a stroke as I was being born the other said I have "closed lip schizencephaly." It is deformity of the brain that happened in the first trimester of life.  The brain doesn't fully form like it should.  He show me a picture of it in one of his books and it did look just like my MRI but then again the other doctor showed me the lesion on my brain where he thought I had had a stroke.
If you have cp down only on side then that is called hemiplegic cp.  Go back and look at all your baby pictures.  If your like me, you notice your cp more so than other people do,  you should be able to tell when exactly when your cp came about.  I know I can see it in all my baby pictures.
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I'm 32yrs old with mild right spastic hemiplegia and paralysis (Cerebral Palsy). I was born two months early with it due to abruptio placenta (the placenta broke away early) which caused hypoxia (lack of oxygen) because my lungs were not developed enough yet to feed me oxygen. So the lack of oxygen ended up causing the damage upstairs.

I did some research on Parkinsons a year or two ago, after seeing Michael J Fox's symptons on tv were similar to the way my body sometimes felt. It is pretty similar to CP (but I believe that it is closer to athetoid CP than spastic CP) as far as the symptons go, but it is considered a different condition. The reason why, is because with Parkinsons the cause of the symptoms continually worsens with time which causes the jerking motions to get worse and worse, but CP does not. Although the effects Cerebral Palsy places our bodies worsens, the cause of the symptons does not worsen. What I mean by that is that the brain signals that causes the spasms does not increase as we age. Our muscles do get more stiff and therefore causes more pain and longer recovery periods but the brain signals don't change.

As for the seizures, I get them fairly often, mostly with high fevers or tiredness. I'm not sure what the proper medical name for it is. For about 30 seconds up to 1 minute or so, I cannot move, I "blank out" or "zone out" as I like to call it, my mind wanders off almost like I'm hallucinating or dreaming, sometimes I have intense unstopable spasms and pain, I can usually see and hear (most of the time) but cannot respond. After wards I am completely exhausted and feel like I'm about to pass out or go to sleep. It's a pain in the rear-end. I've been dealing with it for as long as I can remember. It's terrible to go through but it is so mild even my family doesn't realize that I do it. Half the time I even don't realize that I've done it unless I realize that I missed a good part in a tv show or missed out on someone talking. Thankfully, it happens rarely.

I cannot tell you anything about doctors tests or medicines though. I haven't seen a doctor for any of my disabilities for almost 15 years and I don't take any med's for my conditions except for over the counter pain meds. I just don't trust doctors, too many bad memories from childhood.
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I was born with hemiplegic cerebral palsy.  I am 55 years old, and had seizures when I was a child and during my teenage years.  Having mild hemiplegic cp affecting my right side I feelpretty lucky compared to how cp can affect people.  Recently, I underwent an EEG telemetry at Beth Isreal Deaconess Medical Center, after having seizures every couple of month while my nuerlogist was trying to ease me off one medication,(Dilantin,) while gradually putting me on Lamictal.  The seizures didn't stop until I underwent the telemetry.  After nine days in the hospital, and no seizures during the gradual trnsition from on medication to another I was discharged from Beth Israel.  It has been very helpful not to worry about seizures anymore.
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I just wonder if you can tell me what is telemetry?i never heard it before.i am on lamictal as well for my epilepsy but it doesn't worry me so much at the moment. i am more worry about my hemiplegic CP because my hand keep hurting and it's annoying bcause i can't do anything with it,also with my foot sometimes i have to drag my foot to walk.I am not sure if they can do something here in Australia. i heard about brain surgery but its to risky i guess
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