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High-Risk HPV & cervical biopsy

Hi all-
Last month my pap came back abnormal and I was diagnosed with high risk HPV.  I had a Colpo. performed yesterday.  During the colpo, the doctor found a lesion, so he took performed a cervical biopsy.  I was in so much pain when he performed the biopsy that I ended up throwing up afterwards and having intense cramps for 24 hours.  Also, I have been bleeding and have noticed clumps of grey on my toilet paper. Anyone have any idea what this is? The doc. used vineger, so I don't think its the iodine solution I have read about which could cause this.  
I'm pretty freaked out about all this, especially since my doctor barely explained anything to me so I've been researching like crazy on the internet to become informed and therefore have found a lot of conflicting information.  I'm in my early 20's and have found out that 80%(!) of people have been infected with HPV and feel as though I should have gotten the HPV shot as soon as I heard about it and unfortunately, I didn't.  Does high risk HPV go away on its own? How long does it take from the time someone is infected to the time they show symptoms? What happens if the biopsy comes back malig.?
Any information or answers would be so appreciated!
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