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Abnormal smear shows HPV and CIN2

28 yr old female, excellent general health.

Just had my routine smear and the results were that I have HPV and CIN2 (moderate abnormal changes to cells).
This is my 3rd smear and the first time there's ever been an abnormality. It's shocked me because I had a smear three years ago and it was fine, so I didn't expect this one not to be. I've got an appointment in a week's time to have a colposcopy and I know there's no point dwelling on it until the day, its just knocked me a bit for six. My gut instinct is telling me it is nothing because I've had no weird symptoms or anything out of the ordinary.

If you've had this experience yourself, I'd love to hear a little advice and positivity.

Many thanks, Ali
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i had an abnormal smear and mine showed up as hpv and cin3... i went to the hospital and had a lettz procedure done which burnt away all the cells... i had to wait 6 weeks to get my results alls clear now and i can just go back to the doc's every 3 years... it is scary but try not to worry to much about it tske care x
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