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Is this really PCOS or cervical cancer I dont know what to do?

Okay so I have only been sexually active for a few years now but I have always been unlucky so I wouldnt be surprised if I have cancer. For about a year and a half now since Jan 2015 to be exact. I have been having menstrual irregularities. So when this first started i had lower pelvic pain and back pain as my only symptom so i made an appt with my gyno in February. My pap came back normal and all my pelvic ultra sound showed was a cyst on my right ovary. She said it must have been an infection like bv gave me some antibiotics and sent me on my way. Over time more symptoms started arising my periods became totally irregular and inconsistent and i even bled once after sex with my husband and the pelvic and lower back pain continued. Finally last week I couldnt take it anymore and went to another gyno for a second opinion. I told him all my symptoms and he said okay Im pretty sure you have PCOS cuz i have some facial hair and im pretty overweight. He is attrubuting all my symptoms being part of PCOS. Anyhow he did a pap and ran some blood tests. My testoterone levels and free testosterone came back through the roof ao basically my hormones are all messes up and need to be regulated and he thinks the menstrual changes have to do with that. I told him abouut my concerns with could it be cervical cancer and he said im too young. He said in the 30 yeara hes been working hes never diagnosed a 24 year old with cervical cancer. So he tested me for HPV types that cause cervical cancer along with a pap smear and they both came back negative. So I tested negative for HPV and my pap showed no abnormal cells. After that I went for an Transvaginal ultra sound which also showed nothing but just 1 cyst on my right ovary. He thinks due to the blood tests that its PCOS causing all this madness. But everyday i have pelvic pain and back pain and longer then usual periods and occasional sometimes bleeding after sex. Could I still have cervical cancer even though i tested negative for HPV and had 2 normal paps back to back in the course of a year and a half? The tests say everything is normal but my body says otherwise. I have heard of paps coming back normal before while having cancer but could the HPV negative part be wronf too? I dont know what to do there is literally no more tests they could run for down there. What do you guys think?
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