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Normal smear but positive HPV

A year ago I was treated for CIN2 caused by HPV and the treatment was successful. This I'm very happy about, I've just had the TOC (follow up) and cells are all completely normal but I still have the HPV infection.
I know it's really common and nothing to worry about but I feel really dirty, I have just started dating again and this is making me want to call time on it.
So far we've only kissed but over the past year when a man touches me I cringe. Even through clothing, like a hand on my shoulder.
I can't face having sex even with condoms, because I know there's a risk, I could have cleared it and then acquired it again in the past year, the thought of telling my date I have HPV makes me feel sick and I feel ugly.

I should probably go and see someone about this, but I don't know how to go about it. I don't know of any psychosexual therapists/counsellors in my local area and if I go to my GP and ask to be referred, I feel silly but it looks like this is my only option.
Any advice/pointers?
Thanks, Ali x
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