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Pap Smear question

I had a pap smear done a month and a half ago.  Results came back HSIL CIN 2 / CIN 3.  I retook the test a week ago, pap smear came back LSIL CIN 1.  Both times the HPV test came back negative for all types of HPV not just high risk.  I cannot find any information on this online, any ideas? Doctor is on vacation
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The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) web site has a patient education resource of frequently asked questions for gynecologic problems. Please refer to the section on abnormal cervical cancer screening test results:

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Does not explain how it could change like that,
When it comes to cervical cancer screening, diagnostic tests have limits to their accuracy. A CIN 3 lesion should not occur in a woman with a negative HPV test. When the combination is found, this may be due to a falsely negative HPV test or a falsely positive diagnosis of CIN 3. When HPV testing is falsely negative, it is usually due to the cutpoints used for HPV detection or the sampling technique. A diagnosis of CIN 3 may be falsely positive when benign atypical changes or lesser-grade CIN is overinterpreted.
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